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Thursday, December 8, 2016

P is for Postponed Plunder Post - Plastic Warrior 2014 May Part - II Goodie Bags

Continuing to look at the plunder from the Plastic Warrior show 2014, and two bags were brought to the show for me, both Trevor Rudkin and Gareth Morgan having saved bits through the year for any use they may provide the blog (or the collection!), and sorting them is always a joy, as while there's lots of common or damaged stuff, there's always the odd gem!

This is how I see the lot at the show, hints of lovely things hidden behind multiple layers of ethylene click-shut bag!

The larger bits and bagged sets sorted out, I think we've looked at most of these now, but a few are still 'in the queue', while the Battlebeast has only recently be shown here!

The contents of the smaller bags, the main highlight for me was probably the animated boxer novelty, but the Lego flat trees are a find, additions to the Marx Disney/TV 'kins are always nice and the silver figure with the hoop is curious; over the years I have picked up several of these in slightly different poses (one's holding  a triangle above her head), with no idea where they originate, they seem to be from a plastic kit - circus, zip-wire, maybe a board-game?

The other lot was a bag of bags!

We've looked at the comic giveaway 'planes (twice now, since this went into edit!), while you can never have too many 1-Ton Humber trucks via Hong Kong, the interest here is the mirco-die-casts to the left, anyone know who made them? They are sort of Takara Votom size, but solid metal casts.

Highlight here are the HK copies of INGAP watercraft, the rest is grist to the Blog-mill, a blue Box Armoured Car needing a spare wheel, some Kinder and a large chicken (Playmobile)!

Another large chicken! And a very nice, complete Blue Box stable unit.

What's not to like . . . 30mm backwoodsmen, dinosaurs, a giant crab, a monster (who went on to star in the original D&D ruleset/guidebook) bits of two jig-toy horses (both sans ears, always sans ears!) and one of two bulk lots of those funny little lions I've blogged and a large duck or two.

More dino's, a witch, some Blue Box knights, a Starlux copy, we've looked at the racing cars in better condition now - all good stuff!

The last bag - clearly sourcing a railway modellers bits box!

All sorted and ready to go away, or be combined with existing samples of the same stuff, it takes a couple of weeks to fully process this kind of lot, and with 75% of the master collection in storage, it's all going in temporary boxes at the moment, one day there will have to be a mega-sort! But in the meantime, it makes even common stuff relatively useful; Blogwise.


Toy Manufacturers in India said...

Nice blog and great collection of toys thank you for sharing us.

Hugh Walter said...

I'll 'share' you with cannibals if you spam me again - cheeky fucker!


jhnptrqn said...

I was wondering if you can give more information on the green trucks with the rocket launchers, spot light,and radar on back? I used to buy these when I was a kid and every time I see them I try to find some for my wargaming. Thank you for any help.

Hugh Walter said...

Yes jh....


Read that! There are larger ones, you need to search for Pyro or Kleeware - for the originals, Marx - for re-issues (or good copies)and NFIC / N.F.I.C. (Hong Kong) for poorer copies.


Brian Carrick said...

Hi Hugh, 3rd photo top left looks like a butt plug? Not that I've ever seen one in the plastic myself you understand!

Hugh Walter said...

Whatchit! You're talking about my favourite 'Noddy' trees there, and they're wooden! Medieval butt-plug?!!


Brian Carrick said...