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Saturday, March 11, 2017

F is for Fifes; Fifes & Drums . . . actually; Mostly Drums!

Did I suggest 'that was it' for AWI yesterday? I lied, just makin'itup as I go along! I mentioned the missing set of Spirit of '76-influenced, baseless cake-decorations the other day, and Mr. Nevins sent these as a set of bookends, or a full-stop to his own, other AWI submissions!

As I can't shoot comparisons due to their being the other side of the pond and finding me boat'less and as I have blurbed the genre to the nth-degree now, I can only thank Bill for sending them and post them here for everyone to enjoy.

Bill says they are about 40-mil, so the same size as the little, based-set we saw the other day, although they look bigger in the photographs - in part due to the slightly better painting of these I think?

Also they look to be PVC/vinyl? In fact they look remarkably like the 40mm Roman's from Macau via Portugal, or Culpitt's cowboys and Indians - both also sold by Super Plastic in France, but those all have bases of one kind or another, so I guess it's only a similarity!

Well - I thought I was joking about drums the other day, but they do seem to have featured heavily in these posts! Cheers Bill (and Brian from last year!) I think that's all of them now?

NO! It isn't! These are a fourth set; the ones in Plastic Warrior 150, shown by Chris Goddard are quite different! I'm now looking for two sets without bases in the 40mm bracket! But at least we've managed to blog one here, today!

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