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Friday, March 24, 2017

F is for Follow-up to Follow-up's Follow-up . . . or Something!

Truth being often stranger than fiction, and having got the reply to further purchases minutes before I headed-up to the shop last Friday, I went anyway, as I needed to get the rest of the Henbrandt stuff for their 'follow-up', only to find that a re-stock had produced a different set, which not only contained the figures missing from the top row last time, but confirmed my suspicions vis-à-vis the cannon!

Card is the same (as is the given date of 2006 - so clearance!) and number of figures/layout on the card is the same, but we have a catapult in place of the gun and the six ex-Esci poses.

As you can see the cradle/frame is the same machine, with the trigger and mounting brackets we saw the other day, however, the rest for the gun-barrel is absent so it would seem that the change was made to the mould-tool halfway through the production run?

Brian's 'big bag' presumably carries all the figures and both siege-engine types? Which will be something to look forward to in Plastic Warrior magazine and - painted-up - on his Blog maybe?

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