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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

F is for Forecourt Fellows

This is a simple one, square bases with round cartouche marking 'stamps' and with an exception (we'll look at in a day or two) proving the rule, all using a larger number than the others we will be looking at or have seen over the last few days.

Only used for these four poses (to my knowledge), and looking similar to the firemen (base-wise) as a result, these are probably the commonest of the Lucky civilian figures. Lucky produced lots of garage, service station or petrol pump 'play sets' for their models, usually the 'family cars' (although one has a police Range Rover centre-stage) often towing a boat or caravan, along with various pit-stop sets for their racing-cars.

Pit-stop sets however got more of the other figures we'll be looking at, with just one or two of these guys while petrol-station sets tended to get two or three figures taken [only] from these poses.

Turning them over reveals they are very different from the firemen with the Lucky code literally 'writ large'! As always; there is a 1112 version, with signs on the others of these having been over-cut on some of the smaller lettered base marks we will see next.

I have only CAD'ed-up a few, there are many subtle differences to be noted, especially with the damage-marks caused by chopping-and-changing the maker marks. Note also how the eleven-twelve issues get white and yellow plastic versions, the rest (so far) only seem to have had pink plastic runs.

Square-based Mechanics
519 - Standing with cap (from minor US maker?)*
520 - Holding two rags (from Dinky/Meccano)
521 - Holding Oil Can and Oil-cloth (from Dinky/Meccano)
522 - Kneeling with cap (from minor US maker?)*

*Deluxe Reading have similar poses, themselves based on Auburn Rubber sculpts, but they are not exactly the same.

The exception which proves the rule is that all these poses also turns-up with the full Lucky Horseshoe base mark, but they come later in the week!


Because I don't want to do a 'News, Views' in the middle of a run of Lucky posts I'll just pop a reminder here that kick-starting the show-season for the new year; it's the first - 'Spring' - Sandown Park show on Saturday (4th March), often the best of the year as all the continental dealers bring their winter acquisitions over!

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