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Sunday, March 26, 2017

M is for More Capsule toys

I know we only looked at Capsule toys (for the umpteenth time!) the other day, but then some of these were going to be in those posts, however, more Star Wars came in, then I re-ID'd the Tombola and finally (while all that was going on) Brian sent us some more US capsules to look at, so everything has been jigged, at least twice, in the last few weeks - it's sometimes a busy, fluid, editorial situation here at Smallscaleworld Towers!

So to Brian's latest contribution (it's not his latest - he's since sent another motorcycle! Among other things), and this one is very interesting, given my comments last time and the adamant stance of both Wikipedia and the FDA that you can't have a Kinder or Kinder-like toy egg in the New Country!

Imported from Turkey (who have featured in capsule eggs before) by Candy Treasure of Lebanon, New Jersey and branded to Choco Treasure, this egg is - in every measureable way as far has 'elf & Safety' or likelihood of killing yourself - identical to a Kinder egg?

Toy, inside plastic, two-part, capsule, inside egg, inside foil, inside box, the same order as any other 'euro-egg'.

If you; dear, departed, colonist, want Kinder Eggs, now is the time to write to your Congressman! You fought for your Independence; you rebuilt your 'White' house after that little unfortunate'ness in 1812, you had a Civil War and settled-down again; you earned the right to eat whatever you darn-tootin' well please! Now is the time to rise-up and demand the import of Kinder Eie Chocolade, Nicht Wahr?!

And; the contents will be better than this! Emoticon related nonsense! "Find all the treasures" . . . even a little poo! But if you think this is a bit poor, it's because you haven't finished reading the rest of the post yet! Thanks to Brian Berke for entering the spirit of the 'We buy this so you don't have to' department!

Kinder themselves have a new'ish product, which I noticed the other day is getting magazine advertising. I first noticed them last year sometime, and assumed they were a new packaging, then I saw them next to standard foil-wrapped Kinder eggs and wondered if they were back-alley imports from the Middle East or somewhere where a hard case was necessary, only to buy a couple the other day and find they are in fact a completely different product.

As you can see it's a sort of pudding or desert, and like all Kinder stuff, a bit too sweet for me, that sickly-sweetness that gets the back of your throat! Anyway - one was OK, two were too many!

Imagine a piece of Kinder Bueno, rolled in sprinkles and buried in a puddle of semi-set Kinder Egg, and you've got the taste right there, in your head, unless you're unfamiliar with these products - in which case you probably think I'm a raving loon, but if it's taken you this long to work that out; you're not trying and the double-yolks on you!

The toys were however figural, although looking a little too much like a cross between our idiot Olympic mascots (no, I'm never going to let it go - ugly little shits the pair of'em!) and a likely logo for a power-generator!

There are at least two sets and one of them had little emoji type paper scraps to fold and hide in the head-cavity, all seem to be the same moulding, so kids and collect and swap.

So a return to the products of Bon Bon Buddies (bbb) or in this case BIP of Holland with their nuggets of "Fruit Flavour Compressed Candy" (good 'till the 20th June 2019!) and shite toys!

In all other respects they are the same as bbb, the same container with the same holes and the same sweets and the same shite toys; a Ninja Turtle spinning top (which with a different card disc could be N. E. Other's spinning top!) and stickers, we've seen them before as Disney, DC and Marvel I think? They were together with the aforementioned ones already degenerated here and several others.

Finally a couple of edibles which seem to have avoided the last 'edibles' post? Christmas just gone's Lindt mini-bears had two dressed in Christmas jumpers to keep the usual all-gold one company.


Jan Ferris said...

Nice finds, Hugh. I have a few capsule toys posts to make if and when I get around to it.

Hugh Walter said...

I'll look out for them Jan...I've already got another one in the pipeline!