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Friday, March 17, 2017

S is for Star Wars II - Capsule-egg Key Rings

These have been kicking around for a while now and (if I can find the link) this blog showed the full range some time ago. I saw them in The Works as clearance two Christmases ago (2015/16), but they sold out before I could get any; and they were £1.99 each! They are now in Pound-plus (like Poundland, but it's not all just for a pound!) for a quid which seems better!

Key-rings (chains, fobs); but the chains are quickly dealt with and while it leaves a little hole in them, that can be filled and dry-brushed or washed-in with a bit of paint.

Manufactured by TPF Toys for shipping-in by STL imports there have only ever been the six poses, and while they are a little small (around the 50mm bracket) I like that the Wookie and Yoda have been made 'in-scale' with the others.


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