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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

P is for Plunder From The 'Park

My gatherings from Sandown Park at the beginning of March weren’t that numerous or special, but as a 'How they come in' post, are worth a look.

Adrian of Mercator Trading7 had saved a little box of goodies for me and these were they, we've looked at a couple now already the SAE cow is on the Airfix Farm set page as a size-comparison shot and the dispatch-rider was in the recent bike post.

Other highlights are plastic vehicles from Kleeware (yellow lorry), Beeju (rural 1950's bus - this one with better transfers than the last one we looked at here) and Tudor Rose (other truck) along with an HK open-tourer, probably from a Christmas cracker or a rack-toy service-station type set?

Gemodels tennis players and a Lego chestnut tree were other highlights, while the very small green vehicles were 'find of the day'! Back when it was still the 1960's and I was very small myself . . . no, I'll tell the story another day in a separate post - but look carefully - one of them's a Land Rover . . . or is it an Austin Gypsy?!

The purchases from one pocket, again we've looked at several of the better pieces now, the Lido wagons were a surprise, the cat is very odd - being some kind of composition or home-bake modelling compound, but with a human face and coloured all-through the material, it's also a crude cast with heavy fettling and might be from a board game? A Speedwell chief and Tri-Ang's Mr. Periwinkle Pennybrix are also to be seen.

Pieces from the other pocket, the HK copy of a Matchbox Yesteryear 'Old Fashioned Car' (a Renault?) is missing a canopy, but I have an idea I have a spare somewhere, so it may yet be completed! We've looked at the motorcycle since and some of the other pieces will be Blogged soon.

A fiver-each from John at Plastic Toy Soldiers (eBay's PTS52) and both looked at a few weeks ago here - it seems that a complete Food Fighters bag should have another set of the poses in green, so I bought the rejected 'Germans'!

Gareth (who has new figures out) also brought me a bag of bits and it was filled with all sorts of useful stuff, pirates; including a Thomas 'dressing-up kids' copy, two Kellogg's type Jig Toys, the lorry being a different shade of blue to my other one, a pair of [Rocco?] cowboys with the damage these figures always have, another Christmas cracker angel (I have the makings of a whole orchestra somewhere now!), a nice HK gun and equally interesting tipi/teepee, along with another Rae rearing horse in a new colour - Thanks Gareth!

And - speaking of Jig Toys, I posted a link at the top of that page a week or so ago, to Rob's Puzzle Page on Jig Toys, go check it out; it's awesome!


remaras said...

Nice cache of booty. You have acquired some nice specimens.

Hugh Walter said...

It's funny Remaras; it's a general toy show, you know - a bit like Brussels maybe? - but I always seem to find a half a bag of useful bits and bobs, not usually sets or anything, but bits which will go with other bits to make future posts!

Lets hear it for rummage trays and £1 tubs!