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Friday, April 28, 2017

S is for Something Borrowed

I found a bunch of old photographs from about 10 years ago hiding in one of the Timpo folders on the dongle, so we'll be looking at them in the weeks to come, starting with these; the Timpo Mexican bandits from the wild west range.
The Mexicans came in three skin versions, brown (left hand figure above; late production?), a sort of pallid, sickly, zombie-flesh colour (right hand figure; early production?) and the standard Timpo pink (Friday production!?, I have no idea if there is any other significance (beyond being a vague dating aid) to this, but obviously the hands need to be matched to a same-colour head if you're building them up from bits, out of odd lots on evilBay!

The below shots were all taken at the same time while I was working for a Toy Dealer and were shot from a crate with several hundred figures in it, which had come-in from a hundred sources over the previous 15-odd years. It was obvious that while you will find various combinations of torso and legs, there were six 'standard' mixes, obviously from the main production batches, so I photographed a sample of them.

My favourite when we were kids, he's just gonna' do a bit o' killin' un robbin' on the way to the disco! Check-out those threads man - too cool for dance-school!

 Another sharp-dressed man!

 Note - standard pink hands on two of them.

This lot is the 'exception to the rule' having both brown or black holsters (at a 50/50'ish ratio), and a 'new' set of legs with a single holster, which I think are taken from the cowboy range?

They were all shot without heads as A) it would have taken all day to colour-match them all with the hands and B) there was no 'rule' as to the hats colour - the hats come in more that six colours, shades vary over time and sometimes they got the bandit head to boot - so they were going to be photographed separately (these were for another book project which never happened), something I don't seem to have got round to!


Jan Ferris said...

We rally cannot say whether or not they a good head on their shoulders can we?

Hugh Walter said...

Heeheeheehee! They lost their heads at the thought of romancin' all those dancin' girls! Ole!