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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

T is for Tipper Truck

Actually it's called a dump truck but hey! I was raised to think a small 'puddle-jumper' was a tipper-truck and 'dumper-trucks' were to be found in quarries and on major road-works; despite the double-axles and heavy cargo compartment, this is a little Ford puddle-jumper! Don't all write-in - it's childhood versus semantics!

Looking a lot like some late Marx vehicles of the same type (but not their dump truck which was a big, yellow, 'proper' one!) and various OK/Lucky types, it's actually branded to one of those typical Hong Kong (or Japanese) logo's which could mean anything if you don't know the company and while most Japanese companies have been sorted, most HK ones haven't!

As with a lot of these Hong Kong toy vehicles, the attempt to reproduce the functionality [in plastic] of their [mostly metal] western counterparts led to lots of easily breakable small or delicate parts, and while scaling-up helped somewhat, I'd hate to think how much of Christmas would have passed before the tipping mechanism on this would have been busted if it hadn't survived to the present day in its box?

Note that this toy's motor housing has the brass eyelet-rivets, the same system found on the TAT bren-gun carrier I looked at here ages ago (I think? I know I have one and I'm pretty sure it was Blogged!), TAT is another brand with a Lucky cross-over, and like Lucky late TAT stuff is battery operated, but re-branded to Stratco in their packaging.

The brand-mark for the tipper, your choice is as good as mine, although as the 'S' is smaller, I'm guessing we may be limited to a choice of four; HIS, HSI, IHS or ISH! And - like TAT, the logo is on the base-plate as well as the packaging.

Another 'anonymous' outfit only known as NN produced a two-axle version of this truck in various body-styles and with a heavy bumper/fender added at the front.

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