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Thursday, June 29, 2017

ECW is for English Civil War

Following on from the purchase of Tuesday, let's have a closer look at the range, or at least those I have ferreted away in 'the pile' over the last few years.

 I think we've had these comparison type shots before, but I took them again, and everyone likes new images! The ABC copy has been given a cut-n-shut pike-man's head, while the generic is a straight piracy, and while the cavalier is of poor quality with a pitted surface to the plastic in places, the ABC is a more reasonable finish, yet with that typical Hong Kong glossiness!

New addition on the left with paint-loss to the elbow, older chap on the right has scruffy legs! It may be that they can be touched-up with matt Humbrol, but I tend to leave them in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

This is what I've got in total, there may be a couple more HK copies in storage, so I still need a good 'Rupert' (mine is 'directing from the rear' sat on a saddle!), but as I often say to the chagrin of my detractors, this stuff was mass produced; for kids (6-12 was the customer-base), in plastic, and it does turn-up - apart from a few in the Autumn 2010 purchase, these have all come-in for pennies, in job-lots, and as the big-buy was a car-load for a few hundred quid, they too probably work out at pennies per figure.


Maudlin Jack Tar said...

Thanks for sharing these, I haven't seen them before. When were they produced?

Hugh Walter said...

Errr....1950-something to the mid 1960's? I'm away from the ephemera!

We were buying our toy soldiers from the late '60's to the late '70's and I don't remember seeing them so I guess they were phased-out around '64/66'ish?

I'll find out tonight and get back to you on that one Jack . . .


Maudlin Jack Tar said...

I think my first Britains were Cowboys in 1967 so I would have missed these. Very nice figures.

Hugh Walter said...

Damn! I forgot to get look for the dates . . . keep an eye out on this thread - I've written a note to myself on my 'to do' list, I will try and sort it out tonight, but it may not be here till Monday! Sorry Jack.