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Friday, June 2, 2017

EG is for Ezio Guggiari (EG Toys)

Not really a 'box-ticker', as it's an unusual firm, but I doubt we'll ever return to it here, so therefore definitely ticking a box! We learn from Bassetterre (via Garratt) that EG Toys made plastics after 1960,  and having looked at a few Argentine plastics last week I thought it fortuitous to get the chance to shoot these at Sandown last weekend.

A bunch of Gauchos chillin' by the camp fire, maybe singing a song about a pretty lady, waiting back in somewhere for them? . . .

. . . No! They're singing something altogether more raucous and the cook's put down her pans to step-out with the head honcho, givin' it large! Add the Timpo 'Camp-fire' vignette and you can have a real ho-down - or a play-off!

There are a few more poses in Garratt's The World Encyclopedia of Model Soldiers, along with a few accessories while there's more here from Diago and here from Alberto in colour with potted histories of the company for Spanish Speakers and a more general Blog has a piece on them here. If you want some, try here - but they're not cheap - if the Navy is the 'Senior Service', then hollow-cast and solid lead is definitely the 'Senior Branch' of our hobby!


Brian Carrick said...

Lovely figures, shame about the price!

Hugh Walter said...

I just bought the winning ticket in tonight's roll-over with the sole intention of buying the lot! :-))