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Monday, June 19, 2017

NZ is for New Zealanders

You should have had this on Friday afternoon but it was postponed due to another unpleasantness, and while I said I'd do it for the next day I couldn't be arsed to bimble up the library on Saturday, so today's the day.

Also I've noticed he leaves his attacks on me at the top of the page for a day or two, so giving him a bit of his own dumb-juice medicine and ensuring the maximum number of visitors will have found it over the weekend, won't have hurt!

I was alerted to these by another blog, no need to name it, it gets enough self-publicity from its monkey-lizard's back-link posting about the place, and was itself alerted to Sanitarium by my Dancing Dolls page, prior to the publishing of which, the firm was 'unknown, probably Australian figures' to the Euro-US collecting community!

As a result it's only a box-ticker which will enable me to simplify the links on the A-Z page for Sanitarium by getting these in the tag list and deleting a now-spurious link over there.

A full set consists of two white settlers (farmstead couple), a white dignitary in top hat (carving-up someone else's land in the name of the Great White Queen Vicky), four Maori and a native levy type soldier for an eight-count.

They're big boys! "If only we could get them to stop fighting us for their land and learn to play rugby", said somebody, somewhere, probably!

As with the posts the other day I've measured them both from foot sole to eye-line and from under-base to top of headdress. Semi-flat (demi-ronde), softish/soapy polyethylene.

Some of them have a fade-out of the colouring dye, which remains in the crevices like the old Airfix HO Guardsmen and they all have two little dinks on the upper side of the base, which may point to some production technique or process which remains a mystery to me.

Cereal Premiums. Sanitarium. New Zealanders. Box ticked.

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