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Friday, June 30, 2017

T is for Ticking Boxes

Only a box ticker, the sample is tatty (and dirty) but that slightly damaged lasso bloke the other day made a set of six, so they can go up for the hell of it, and while they are tatty; there's enough of interest to post.

Crescent Cowboys and Indians, as with most of Crescent's output you have two sides, six foot figures per side and six mounted - three for each protagonist, but we're not looking closely at the mounted figures today.

Due to the condition of these I will probably strip and clean most of them, as late versions were issued unpainted anyway (standing six-shooter), but I'm not sure it works [as a minor fraud!] for the dark blue figures - I think they were always painted?

Base markings are usually quite clear and there are a number of base types. Here we see - from left to right - a larger base with a heavy, deep frame, a smaller base with a lighter frame, a frameless, flat base and a longer base with slightly more rounded corners, these are all from the same pose, the kneeling firer.

Here we have the standing firer with the second type above (on the left) and the final mark type, a Kellogg's premium base. The readers of Plastic Warrior magazine have been turning up unmarked bases, so with premiums and plastic colours there's a lot to look out for!

Then this guy keeps turning-up with different base shapes altogether! Note how the marking itself is inverted between the two to the top right; there was clearly no 'rule' on positioning the marking. Additionally they have the Kellogg's variant too - bottom right shot.

My favourite pose from this set is the 'Eagle Dancer' and one has decent paint! Also I have managed to find a couple of mounted figures, one each side - officers; clearly!

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