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Thursday, June 15, 2017

W is for What'EV'er!

Yep! I'm being lazy, it's hot, it's humid, web-traffic's down for the holiday season and I'm just struggling to find my mojo! You nearly got more edibles (from New York), you nearly got a news-views, you nearly got WHW stuff, but instead a bit of eye candy that needs little blurb!

With those long ribbons they are technically tournament knights, so the fact they have the same crest is fine - Knight practising with his bearer prior to 'his turn' at the tilt! Probably should have a leather sponge-pad on the tip of that pole-arm; ouch!

Britains Swoppet Knights - box ticked!

Rights-free image from a disc attached to a book on costumes - I can't find it on Amazon, so I'll give you the title tomorrow!

The next day...

Costumes (Library of Ornament) by Clara Schmidt

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