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Sunday, July 23, 2017

C is for Cut n' Shut!

Having looked at the other 'halves' the other day, we'd better look at the remnants and what was done to them, but first; the Britains original.

With one of the kneeling chaps from the other day to remind, here's the Herald standing firing Indian, two originals to the left both with six colours, and to the right; a simplified paint scheme from later-on - four colours). Above is a vinyl Hong Kong produced one next to the kneeling pose.

But the two missing halves from the other day weren't married by Benbros, or Trojan, or any of the other 'suspects', it was Cherilea who did the dirty on Britains!

The left-hand figure in both shots is Cherilea's cut-and-shut job on Britains firing figures while the right-hand one IS the Trojan bandwagon figure, copied from Cherilea . . . or was it? Lone Star made the same figure and Plastic Warrior believe the same sculptor (surgeon!) may have been working with/for a number of these companies?

Hong Kong was cleared to replace the standing pose, but the replacement with his dandily dyed suede pyjamas is a lot easier on the eye than that awful squatting cowboy we saw the other day.

There was a darker maroon-red one (with blue feathering) I remember from my childhood which I'm still looking out for, and it will turn-up, these aren't uncommon, and I need two anyway - to steal a base for my mustard yellow chap!

Above him is a comparison between early (UK) and late (HK) vinyl figure, the PVC chap is a little smaller, this could be down to a new mould being smaller, or the shrinkage of the softer material?

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