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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

L is for Lucky Cats?

The file is 'E for Erasers Again' but that's boring! Brian Berke sent these shelfies back in Jan/Feb sometime, and they've been sitting on the desktop pretty-much ever since, getting pushed back by other things, or forgotten!

So, a return to Iwako with these little Asian, cartoonish, Ninja-head type chappies? But Brian sent something which made me look twice, however first we need to go back to previous posts on these . . .

. . . as I thought I'd pretty-much sorted the Iwako cats, managing to track down most of the colour variations and a set of three copies . . . but it seems Iwako had anticipated cat-people doing such things, at such speed, and have taken steps to force more shekels from our pockets . . .

. . . as Brian also sent us these two (and I've since seen the right-hand one in Paperchase), and - upon viewing - you quickly realise that some of the cats have big, open eyes, thicker collars and the other hand up!

The card is the same card as last year's, but the cat is a new sculpt, clearly trying to be the Chinese 'Lucky Cat' . . .

. . . as I shot here in the window of the little import shop Affinity East in Basingrad's Festival Place shopping precinct, although; they all have the same collar and both eye-types, but they all have the left hand up? Is there any significance to all this? Does anyone care? I have a bunch more Iwako cats to track-down, that's the important fact - Doh!


Andy B said...

The raised paw relates apparently to an incident when a cat warned the Buddha to be careful, and where he had been standing was then hit by lightning (think that's about right!).

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers Andy! You can't explain the little Ninja-heads while you're at it?!!!

They look like something you might see on a menu - highlighting the Chef's choices!


Andy B said...

Look like a spin-off from a Japanese TV series?

Hugh Walter said...

I wondered if they'd evolved or morphed from a Japanese language alphabet-letter or pictogram? I f you get me . . . 'warrior' or 'war' or something? Hey-ho!