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Friday, July 28, 2017

MDM is for Many Delightful Miniatures

This is both a contribution and a shout-out for help . . . and an offer! Melvin contacted me a while ago asking about MDM (who we looked at briefly back at the start of the blog) and specifically for more information on a set he had, titled Infanterie Legere 1809-1813 17e Regt - Chasseurs.

Which in English is: Light Infantry - 1809-1813; 17th Regiment of Chasseurs. Some sources state that the MDM stands for Manufacture de Miniatures, while MDM themselves stated it was in honour of Marc and Michel, the founder Mssr. Rene Daniel's sons, as in - Michel Daniel [et] Marc.

The catalogue information is on the underside of the display plinth (set 201) and I couldn't add much more at the time other than point Melvin to that old post with the addendum that I though the website (which was shaky then) had now died completely, but that I'd heard they were making again but in 70mm metal.

Now, the offer; Melvin was after the value of the set, and would be willing to let the set go for the right offer once the value has been established, so if anyone knows what a set like this in good-nick goes for he'd appreciate a heads-up, and if anyone would like to divest Melvin of the set (I would - but I know it's beyond my budget!), drop me a line and I'll pass you on to Melvin.

You get three musicians and a three-man colour-party/command group in the van' and six marching infantry with what looks like an artillery-corporal on a horse, sandwiched between the two sets of foot figures; or is it a self-appointed Emperor?

Melvin hasn't stated the size, but from the bases I'm pretty sure these are the same 40mm figures we looked at last time. Also I think the heavier-based 54mm sets only came singly or in fours.

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