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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Stadswatch / Erwinwatch - Back to Basa'ics !

Alternatively - G is for the Grinding Poverty of Intelligence in the PSTSM

In which we find Paul Stadinger changes his mind, proves me right and yet apparently claims it as a victory? My bits in green.

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Coma Plastic, Res Plastic, BASA ETC. Hugh Walter’s Conspiracy

Posted on April 23, 2017 by admin

Coma Plastic, Res Plastic, BASA ETC.  Hugh Walter’s Conspiracy

Beyond parody, beyond fucking-paraody!
Thick as pig-shit

we are back again on the subject of the Res Plastic Romans. In Hugh Walter Strikes and Hits Again (glad you agree with me - "...hits again...'' - too funny!) we responded to Hugh’s attack on BASA Romans that Erwin had shown. Hugh claimed that they were Res Plastic (I showed - with a screen-cap of Erwin's post - they were) and had been imported into Peru (some were!).  He based that on a RP on the back of his figure (no; on the back of Erwins figure, my figure was to prove the point). Problem is the ones from Peru do not have the RP (but Erwin said they were? I'm all 'mix and confuse'). We stated BASA was known (by whom? Evidence) for buying molds (evidence?) of other companies and produced them there in Peru.  At that point it should have been end of the story (why?). Instead Hugh has decided to continue his attack.  He feels that we are trying to cover up the truth (because you are; not covering up the truth - covering up your previous bullshit). Hugh has become so much like those conspiracy writiers that I see in the alternate media.

Coma Plastic, Res Plastic, BASA ETC.  Hugh Walter’s Conspiracy Coma Plastic

Since Hugh has continued his attack I did more research into the matter (but? You've already given us the definitive 'truth'? When you accused me of 'missing again'?). My first stop was Plastic Warrior Roman Special  by Peter Evans (ah yes! The publication you've been re-posting as Erwin-fact on and off for the last 18 months!). Peter has a Roman figure running with sword in the air on the page 8 under Italian production (no there isn't, there are two on page 5 and one on page 9?). The figure is in silver. Peter has classified the figure as Coma not Res Plastic! The figure under discussion, and mentioned by yourselves last time was on page 35, it is RP - it belonged to me, no one has questioned the origins of Coma's figures, nor the figures on page 5 or 9, still - nice attempted deflection! And Peter might be wrong?

Erwin's figure - not mine!

The figures you both originally said weren’t there, even though they were and which you - here - are now saying aren’t the right ones at all, neither [apparently] are the ones you said were last time! Too funny.

If you are right here, will Erwin be going back to the forum and explaining he made it all up as he went along again? Some hell-of-a-correcting needed there - if you're right here?

With that piece of information (? Too funny) I checked the internet for information on Coma.  I found out that Coma did  figures in the 60’s and 70’s (no one has claimed they didn't, indeed they've been quite well-documented now?). Also I found a Coma catalog on line.  The catalog  had a history of the company.
 Here is  comment on their figures from their catalog I have translated it into English.
“soldiers in soft plastic unstained (scale 1:32), 55 mm height, including Alpini, infantry marine and Bersaglieri, Musketeers, Marines, Roman Legionnaires, Barbarians, Southerners, mediovali, Avieri, sold in packs of 6 figures That's Google-translate not you-translate! Nothing's straight with you two!


Notice the above section gives that the Romans are 55mm height and in packs of six figures.  The Romans from BASA are six different and 55mm in height (last time you were telling us they were definitely the smaller ones!).  So the mold that BASA has (evidence?) is the Coma not Res Plastic. Says who, what evidence? You have now - between the two of you - tried to pass three different sets of figures off as being the definitive made by Basa ones, when they probably only imported a single type!

Coma Plastic, Res Plastic, BASA ETC.  Hugh Walter’s Conspiracy Roman Figure

[He then shows three pictures of what is clearly and without question an Italian (not Peruvian) Co-Ma/CoMa/Coma (take your pick, everyone else does) figure, a figure which has never been under suspicion, nor have its origins been questioned, or at least; not by me]

I went through my figure collection and found that I had the above Roman figure.  The figure  was measured. He was found to be 55mm.  I have tried to blow up the photo of the back of the figure. Unfortunately the black color of the figure does not help. It does not have any markings (why would it? It's Coma). This is a Coma Roman. It is, well done.

I also looked at two Res Plastic merry men (? What sort of a comparison is that?! Different size, different series, different material!) that had been produced in South America (By whom? DSG?) I did find any marking (?). Hugh has shown no hard documentation that it is a Res Plastic (what is? The merry man?).  so typical of typical someone is a conspiracy writier.? A conclusion without logic; from a sentence which makes no sense!

I've shown you a screen cap of Erwins RP figure; the one he claimed was Basa, then claimed wasn't there and shots of the RP figure on page 35 of Peter's book - which was the figure you were claiming-for last time you tried to draw a line under this!

Coma Plastic, Res Plastic, BASA ETC.  Hugh Walter’s Conspiracy The Secret Empire

Hugh like so many other conspiracy writiers (yeah! Those 'writiers' they get everywhere, shouldn't be allowed!) has to have some evil entity (WTF? Still toooo funny! Call me 'Evilentity Man'!). He calls me the Penn State Toy Soldier Mafia (no I don't, stop bigging-yourself up, I refer to a grouping of East-coast gobshite's as the PSTSM, you just run the scandal-sheet). There is a problem with that name it so bogus (baby-talk). Penn State is a university which I have no association with or want (more baby-talk).  Mafia is negative term and offensive to Italians (oh boo-hoo, you pathetic, shrinking violet!).  I do not head any secret group (who said it was secret?).  My web site has a goal of sharing information on toy soldiers.  We let people know new production, share information on old figures and promote collector’s projects. We have no secret agenda, we just want to fun. Whine, whine, fucking-whine!

Coma Plastic, Res Plastic, BASA ETC.  Hugh Walter’s Conspiracy

Hugh like most conspiracy writiers (Those bloody 'writiers' again, aren't they German knights?) have to add things that do not anything to do with the main topic (what? And you're not just about to! Too funny).  In his attack on the BASA Plastic  Hugh had (I didn't have to, I chose to) to make swipes at me.

1. I have not made a comment in his site (no - you've made several!).  I have a policy on not commenting  on an adversarial (there - you said it, took you a while, over six months (probably longer); but there's the truth, and that's why you fall-out with everybody - you see them all as 'adversaries'; competitors, not fellow-collectors) site. This goes back to when Tom Terry of PFPC took a photo I send him  to make fun of me. It was because I would not bow to his will on a certain matter. Someone-else you've fallen-out with Paul? What "certain matter"? He was probably right!

What's this then - Scotch mist?

Liar! (again!)

Are you too stupid to remember you commented on my Blog, do you believe you didn't? Or are you so delusional and arrogant you thought I'd be too stupid to know where they are a few days after I pointed out they were there? Too funny - whichever way the stupidity flows.

2.  Several cracks of us being drunk (wrong - read it again - dumb-fuck).  I drink very little alcohol.  At most I will have a glass of wine or half a can of cider. in a day.  I was even this way years before my Atrial fibrillation. I know Erwin is the same way.  To even impile (ouch!) that a person is drunk  without knowing the truth is reprehensible. Wayne; you hear the man - you're reprehensible!

It was Wayne - not me! Fuckwit! I just pointed out the idiotic logic of the comment! You are too stupid Stadinger, really, how can you get this from my pointing out the latent hypocrisy hidden in Wayne's misguided attempt at humour (made on a Sunday, on a post posted on err . . . a Sunday)? I didn't say anyone was drunk - I pointed out that if I was 'in my cups' because it was a weekend when I posted (Wayne's hinted inference), then all those whose comments and posts were made on weekends (including those by you, Erwin and other PSTSM'ers), must be assumed to involve alcohol as well, Jesus! Stad, you're as thick as pig-shit.

Child abuse is 'reprehensible', what the West have done in Iraq and Afghanistan is 'reprehensible', walking away from the Paris Climate Agreement Treaty is 'reprehensible'; calling someone drunk when they're not [which I didn't anyway] is mildly annoying at worst Stad, you melodramatic, over-excitable, drama-queen!

[Wayne - at worst; you mildly annoyed me!]

3. I am shadowing him.  I only look at his site. Before his attacks on Erwin I would see his spiel on the items he had found. Now I have to look at his silly attacks on Erwin and me.  You've just shadowed me for the whole of June! You regularly . . No; do you know what - separate post for this one!

4. Complaint about me blogging about shows I have not attended. There are many shows I would like to attend but due to various reasons I cannot. People who go are kind enough to share their photos and/or  their impressions of the show. The people are fully credit. It is one of our most popular features.  I have done a lot of my own reporting on shows. Ditto

I could go on but I see no further reason to continue to defend Erwin and myself from these bias and other wrong statements. Then you "go on" anyway! . . . Too funny!

Coma Plastic, Res Plastic, BASA ETC.  Hugh Walter’s Conspiracy  Hugh Stupid Move HEAY! Don't knock my 'Move', man, it's got me more tail-action than my 'Stand Still'!

Hugh not content to just attack Erwin and me attacked the people who made a comment. This was so wrong on so many levels including possible copyright violations (WTF? Quoting people in full and crediting them, by name, for their own idiocy is not a copyright anything - too fucking stupid).  It is typical of a bully trying to scare people. Problem for Hugh it has the opposite effect.  These people will see what jerk he is and will not support him (I've had to ask people not to support me, and rescheduled things to prevent others getting drawn-in, not something which bothers the members of the PSTSM).  Hugh attacks one of the responders Darren Hatley twice. First because Darren a fellow Englishman Hugh felt he should side with him. (I don't think he should side with me, and never said so, indeed I wouldn't want him to; his sycophancy makes my skin crawl. I do think he's wrong to side with a couple of idiot fuckwits, but reading his comment below I guess it's simply 'birds of a feather'?) Second time Hugh claims he is a fake name (err... no, I said someone else thought he might be). Darren is real. I have told him if he is ever at a show that Paul Morehead of Plastic Warrior to show his photo id. Aurh! Childish, schoolyard stuff, isn't it Paul?

I would not go against any of the people who comment on his site.  His recent attack did not any comments. Translation please? I've asked people not to comment, it's my fight, started by you! And people who comment on posts of this kind - on either site - are lowering themselves to the level of the gutter, getting involved, and can't complain if their comments are subsequently scrutinised - it's called fair play and free speech!

Coma Plastic, Res Plastic, BASA ETC.  Hugh Walter’s Conspiracy Final Thoughts

So through empirical proof (an Italian catalogue on an Italian site about an Italian toy company is not empirical-anything of anything Peruvian!) we  have show these [this] figures are [is] Coma not Res Plastic (well . . you've just identified you figure correctly as being Coma (Italian) and changed your mind from the 'Srikes Again' post; now between the two of you, you have contradicted each-other and yourselves, you've shown - here - a Coma figure no one is arguing with, you haven't shown it's Basa just claimed it is; your third choice of definitive Basa figure!).  Hugh has not shown  any documented information other one figure is marked with a RP (Erwin's screen-capped figure is marked RP, my figure was marked RP?). Like so many other conspiracy writiers he will cling is misinformation. I proved Erwin was bullshitting, that's all I needed to do, That Basa imported or carried some figures from Coma, Res or DSG is not and never has been at question. That they made them is still in question, while that the RP's in Erwins original post were Basa product was clearly a falsehood.

You have shown no evidence - empirical or otherwise - for Basa's production (or mould-holding) AND; have passed three sets of figures off as being 'definitely' the Basa ones. And indeed - I guess from the above you are struggling to comprehend what 'empirical' evidence is.

Hugh is like a person I know named Don. Don is the same way as Hugh very opinonated (damn right! You only get one life! Don't waste it being a worm). I saw Don being showed his information was wrong and going back wrong information the next day.  Today Don is shunned by his former friends as they tired of his attitude. I suspect Don is yet another of the many you have fallen-out with, you're a serial-offender Stad! Why don't you support and promote the US magazines, as I do ours? Because you've fallen out with them!

In regards to Hugh I am not going to waste anymore time on him (you've said that before!). He can go rant on his site all he wants. We will continue to publish our articles.  I am sure he will publish another 14 pages of diatribe drivel. Hahahaha! If you're going to throw my vocabulary back at me you really should Google it so that you comprehend the words you're using and understand how to use them! Drivel, yeah, Diatribe, absolutely, drivellous diatribe even, maybe, at a pinch, but "diatribe drivel" . . . oh dear!

. .. ---====================--- .. .

10 Responses to Coma Plastic, Res Plastic, BASA ETC. Hugh Walter’s Conspiracy

Here we go! More people wanting to get involved, wanting to stick their oar-in, get their beef off their chest, not bullies, oh no, I'm the bully, little old me, all by myself; responding!

Mark T. says:
April 24, 2017 at 2:16 AM
The personal attacks on you and Erwin are really uncalled for and quite bizarre, especially considering the argument is over obscure decades-old toy soldiers. Life is too short for this sort of thing. Mr. Walter really ought to just drop this whole matter before it consumes him. I once had a friend who let a minor disagreement get the better of him like this and sadly, it just snowballed and took over his whole life. You have to know when to let it go. Every word of this applies equally to the above wittering of Stadinger? But then they do say you guys don't do irony!
That aside, the more I read about this conflict, the more I want to get myself some sets of those Romans and Barbarians. Me too! Race you to ebay.it

See other comment below.

admin says:
April 24, 2017 at 8:55 AM
I surprised that I have only the one figure. (yet you feel it's right to attack me for only one - too funny) It will be something I will be looking for as well.
I have decided to no longer bother with him as I too many other things in life to do. That turned out to be another lie! Didn't it?

erwin says:
April 24, 2017 at 9:17 AM
COMA space,romans and Viking or barbarians as well musketeers ,Knights and marine infantry-not sailors sets are the hardest to get complete.I do not know why if less produced or what .
I got most set complete minus musketeers and knights
The Viking were sold with a ship too. I have it, just missing craft sail,boat is about 12″ long with oars and made of plastic.
COMA before do kits cars and airplanes launch a series of early 1900s all plastic cars ,very nice in 1.32 scale great for gangsters era scenes .These are more common around ,is from this line they made some boats and ships too in simple plastic few pieces attached together.
best… If I possessed an Erwin-to-English translator - I'd probably manage a pithy comment here!

Darren Hatley says:
April 24, 2017 at 4:05 PM
As ive said before, I have the Coma/Ex-res Vikings and Romans, The Vikings are really nice figures with Good detail and are 55mm tall. The Romans on the other hand look like recasts to me, The detail isn,t so good and they are about 48mm tall. I will have to dig them out and give more detail if I can. (you guessed 48mm without digging them out? Erwin!)
As far as Hugh Walters attacks on me, And saying I dont exist (yawn - I didn't, I suggested you 'might not' following a conversation with someone else!), I feel I should make a comment here. I think its a weird thing to say and quite funny really. I dont know what hes problem is and I am who I say I am. Im just a guy from England in my 40s who collects, Converts and Paints Toy Soldiers and who likes to regularly come onto this site to see what figures are being talked about, What New figures are coming out, And to talk with like minded indeviduals about this Great hobby. Although ive never met him Erwin has known me for at least 10 to 15 years and im on Facebook. I like Mysteries and Conspiracy theories, But im not a member of the Majestic 12 Lol. I wont be mentioning Mr Hugh Walters anymore, As Paul says lets draw the line under this. The more you say - the less I'm inclined to believe you! You're certainly sharing a keyboard with the other two, or don't they have spall-chockar in Norfolk!

George Albany says:
April 25, 2017 at 6:09 PM
Y’know, the last time Hugh Walter was mentioned here, I looked at his site, figured I’d see what he was talking about. Seems to me that he gets awfully upset about toy soldiers, who made them, and what other people have to say about it. For cryin’ out loud, it’s a hobby, not nuclear science. I really don’t care what company made some relatively obscure figures, and if I did, I think I’d respond to the person I disagreed with by saying, “Erwin/Dareen/Mark/Paul, etc., I don’t think you are right. I think company B not company A made those Romans/Vikings/Germans/Waterloo figures.” (You're forgetting Stad bans commentators as quick as he begs his mates to comment!) Heck, this is supposed to be fun. A little good natured disagreement is fine, I often have good natured disagreements with friends who share other hobbies and sometimes, it can be interesting. Life is too short to get your blood pressure up over your hobby. Or so I think. Every word of this applies equally to the above wittering of Stadinger? But then they do say you guys don't do irony!

Have you two met?

George, this is Mark T, Mark - meet George Albany! You're both deliberately missing the point (out of misplaced loyalty to Stadinger?). Apart from the Basa post all mine have been in response to, as rebuttals of, or defending myself from the attacks of Stads and Erwin and/or their confused lies and made-up bullshit! And this post of Stadinger actually proves my Basa post was correct.

Wayne W says:
April 26, 2017 at 12:26 AM
I guess I would feel special as my comments have seem to have aroused Hugh’s ire. I said I “would” feel special except that about everyone who has commented on this site has drawn a response (if you comment you are choosing to get involved, if you throw a rock at someone, there are no rules limiting him to only throwing a rock back, he may chose to shoot your knees off, slit your gizzard and peg you out for the vultures after covering your genitals in gravy, that's the gamble you take when you chose to throw the rock - all's fair in love and war, Stads and Erwin declared war on 17th December last, they're just not very good at fighting it). So I’m part of the PSTSM, are there dues? Meetings? Do we have a secret handshake? I'll explain in a forthcoming post - but only you can decide if you're in it . . . or out of it.
For the most part, I’m going to follow George’s and my own advice and not let this get to me. Life is too short and I’ve been on “given” – or “borrowed” time the last thirty-five years as it is – it kind of puts things in perspective.
The only reason I even mention Hugh’s post (in which he did misquote me at least once (no I didn't! I quoted you in full, once, by cutting and pasting your comment in its entirety 'with all faults' just as I have here)) is I feel I owe Hugh an apology over the “in the cups” remarks – which, like another comment were meant in the spirit of trying to lighten the mood. I seem to recall Hugh mentioning tossing a few on another forum, but it’s been awhile and that site is no longer with us so I cannot check and make sure it was him or another. As it is I seem to have offended or hit a nerve – in either case I apologize. And I’m posting here because here is where I committed the offense. Apology accepted, now stay out of this for fucks sake - I know you’re a nice guy . . . really!
I have to admit I haven’t touched an “adult beverage” in decades. As another has said, “I didn’t like the person I became when I drank – and folks around me didn’t, either.” Besides, a guy who was declared dead from banging his head in a parachute accident probably doesn’t need to drink anyway.
As I said, I will follow my own advice and not let the nasty dudes get me down. No, Hugh, I DIDN’T use the “word.” I’m surprised you think that makes me a “wuss.” I had to use profanity as an Army NCO because most of the time my troops didn’t take me seriously if I didn’t punctuate my instructions with a four letter word here and there; but the idea of having to cuss to be a man, well, I kind of grew out of that somewhere shortly after high school. It’s a shame we are separated by thousands of miles and can communicate only online, otherwise we might be better able to take better stock of each other. Wayne - stop digging . . . please?
As it is, right now I feel like George Segal watching Liz and Dick tear into each other online. Maybe everyone needs to back off in a corner and count ten? I know I will. Just watch from the sidelines; 'my people' (if there is such a thing) are content to watch!

'Dick tear'? Eeeessh!

admin says:
April 26, 2017 at 9:27 AM
Wayne as I said in my post of I done with Hugh. I feel I have done enough for people to realize what kind of person he is. I know he will go around besmirching Erwin’s and my reptuations. I am going to waste anymore time on him (you already have! Twice). I have far more important things to do.

Wayne W says:
April 26, 2017 at 4:42 PM
I believe that is a wise course, Paul. Pity he couldn't stick to it!

Bill Nevins says:
April 26, 2017 at 12:42 PM
Could not agree more, Paul.
Not worth the time or effort. Whatever . . . missed the bus on that one Bill, he attacked me again twice while I was trying to take Wayne's "count ten".

Dennis DeRusha says:
April 26, 2017 at 4:02 PM
Hi Stad, read your piece on Hugh. He sounds like a complete and utter fool. Somewhere in England a village has lost its idiot.Take care and keep up the good work
Tanks Dennis DeRusha You should comment more often Dennis, try and add some colour to the five-out-of-seven-are-Erwin's comments! Oh, and you're an ignorant cunt! You're the little rat-shit with the knife at the back of the gang, only stepping-in when you think it's safe to do so; cunty-little-cunt-like.

. .. ---====================--- .. .

. . .I'll drop the green . . .

"Conspiracy . . . Bogus . . . Alternative Media", it's the language of Trump's dwindling inner-circle! The language of Fox News and Breitbart! Too funny, too fucking-funny for words. Was he picking what he thought looked to be suitable phrases out of the National Enquirer!!!

Something else which comes across very strongly above; humourlessness; half of it goes over his head like an aeroplane, the other half is taken literally! "He calls me the Penn State Toy Soldier Mafia", too funny! Then there's the drama-queen semantics; "Reprehensible . . . Evil Entity . . . So many levels"! Oh God! The world will end if someone doesn't do something about me!

To which must be added the constant hypocrisy, attacking my one figure yet expecting the world to accept everything he attaches to his, denying comments he's made, calling me a conspiracist even as he adds a third layer of confused bullshit to their Basa falsehoods and guesswork, calling me a bully when it's two of them with the PSTSM in tow! Attacking me for 'going off-subject', then going off-subject! The irony is totally lost on him, he lectures 'the reader' on the damage I might be doing to my Blog or reputation, with no nod to the fact he's doing the same, first, in an illiterate, nonsensical scrawl!

As a matter of fact, because 6-700 of you pretend I don't exist, or that you haven't found my Blog despite visiting every day (and nicking lots of images - eh? Soft Mirof - you know you can get little blue pills for that now?), or are [probably] too embarrassed by my antics to want to acknowledge me; I don't have a 'reputation' to worry about - bargain!

AND - unlike Stadinger - I have no delusions as to my place in the great scheme of things; future worm-food walking, that's me, that's all of us.

. .. ---====================--- .. .

If you're struggling to understand or follow the developments in this saga - one battle in a war - here's a quick, simplified round-up;

He who makes it up as he goes along; one Erwin Sell, originally posted a thread on Forum Gratuit le soldatplastique-1-32, in which he lectured with his usual unreadable style about Basa and claimed the figures accompanying the lecture were Basa's, manufactured by Basa in Peru - they weren't, they were marked, Res Plastic's (RP) figures, from Italy; ethylene piracies of styrene Coma originals.

Because of the on-going war with this pair of numpties, I posted to that effect and further pointed out that Basa were a Jobber/Importer, not specifically a manufacturer (although they did manufacture, especially latterly; big, brash polypropylene infant toys in the 2000's), adding that Erwin was making it up as he went along - again.

The terrible two then posted their 'Hugh Walter Strikes and Misses Again' post ([ http://www.stadsstuff.com/?p=8882 ] - I haven't missed yet), in which - using a second set of figures with dodgy hex-driver melt-marks approximately where the RP signs should be (?!) -  they denied that Erwin had been using RP figures.

Erwin then went back to FGle1:32 and tried to drag them into it, posting the new figures, but leaving the old images up! Meanwhile someone was drawing to my attention that the RP figure moulds went to DSG, who are in South America, but Argentina, not Peru.

I then posted my 'Hugh Walter Strikes and Hits Again' post, in which I used a screen-cap of Erwin's figure to show he was now lying (some more), and pointing out that they were now showing those new figures, the mixed, confused nature of the post, the greater confusion in the comments and Erwin even seeming to admit to confusion in one comment.

We then got the Stad's Stuff post (reproduced above with annotations), in which he switches allegiance to the Coma originals, admitting (without even realising it) that I was right all along (so he should now apologise for the 'Strikes Again' shit - no, of course he won't!) by contradicting everything said (as fact) in both Erwin's original thread on FGle1:32 and everything in their joint 'Strikes Again' post on Stad's Stuff. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP!

Now - some facts . . . err . . . some more drivellous diatribe!

Coma in Italy made some toy Romans, they were (apparently!) 55mm tall and they are (brittle) polystyrene plastic, have separate plug-in weapons and are highly sought-after, especially in Italy. There is a metallic maroon original on page five of the Plastic Warrior 'Roman Special' publication with minimal silver-paint highlights and a silver standard-bearer on page 9, unpainted.

Res Plastics also Italian (with the RP-in-a-circle mark) copied them some years later in golden or gunmetal polyethylene - among other colours, these were smaller (50-odd mm) and have integrally-moulded weapons and some pose changes/simplifications to assist moulding - separate weapons allow for more complicated posing/undercuts. They were quite common a few years ago. You can find examples on page five (gunmetal) and page 35 (red - possibly carried by DS/Mehanotechnika - and gold) of the above-mentioned publication.

A third set of figures has appeared with strange hex-bit shaped depressions in them.

The Res Plastics moulds were sold to DSG in Argentina, who may or may not have run them, may or may not have supplied Basa, and may or may not have removed the RP-mark before or after any number of mould-runs.

Basa imported or carried toy figures.

Basa may have carried the Coma figures (60-something years ago ) as Paul Stadinger maintains above?

Basa may have carried the smaller, strange figures with hex-bit melt-holes (but when?), as they both maintained in their 'Strikes Again' post? These may be ex-Res from DSG?

Basa may have carried the RP figures (within the last 20/25 years) shown in the orginal FGle1:32 scale thread? But they didn't make them, if they did carry them they may have got them from either RP or DSG

The Coma figures date from the 1950's

The RP figures date from the 1990/2000's (as RP) or possibly later (as DSG), they were common on the early toy soldier sites back at the start of the 'Web.

I can't say anything about the third set with the hex-bit holes - if they are even a 3rd type? They are however - suspicious! That's not conspiracy, that's fact.

Basa did not manufacture the figures originally used by Erwin in his FGle1:32 thread with the RP mark.

. .. ---====================--- .. .

Neither Erwin nor Paul Standinger in their three threads/posts have proven or shown with any serious evidence whatsoever which of the three (?) figure types were actually carried by Basa, they have failed to explain when these figures were 'carried' (there's 50-60 years between the potential dates) and have failed to prove any evidence of production by Basa.

Stad has proven that his Roman is Coma!

I have proven that Erwin's original figures (and mine) are Res Plastics

They have in fact both/each now passed two different sets of figures off as being made/manufactured by Basa. Erwin starting with pictures of the RP's and changing to hex-bit holes in the 'Strikes Again' post while Stadinger joined-in with hex-bit holes, changing to Coma here/above. All three types being delivered - separately - as THE ones, as fact! I've already said you can't make this shit up.

That is - of course - ignoring the greater confusion hidden in the 'Strikes Again' post and its comments section (as highlighted in my rebuttal) to keep it simple here.

They have both contradicted themselves, and each other, and proved my original point correct; that Erwin on FGle1:32 was making it up as he goes along again.

They have now both been making it up as they go along for some time. And if Erwin's original claim to have been in correspondence with Basa carried any weight he would have had the evidence to close this down months ago, but like his Blue Box factory visits; which his own 'research' in December proved to be false (with one factory closing before he was born and another closing while he was an infant - something I'd suggested back in October of last year); the Basa correspondence too; was just bullshit, made-up as he went along.

He's been using the same trope with DGN Hing Fat recently . . . but that's for another post.

And here's the news - I don't know or particularly care which figures Basa made, imported or carried, or when, there are very good South American collectors who will sort that out.

But I do know Erwin started with a false premise, pontificated bullshit on FGle1:32, made it up as he went along - again - and the Jabbering Fuck joined-in to protect his cock-wackin', chattering, pet monkey-lizard, neither of them know, either . . . nor did they ever - they just won't admit it!

. .. ---====================--- .. .

Here's a thought - They have - between the pair of them - most of the RP figures, most of the Coma figures and the rather dodgy hex-bit hole figures. If they had got together and posted a comparison article with all of them, mentioning all the connections with the odd 'probably', 'maybe' or question mark, a couple of sweeping generalisations and no facts they couldn't prove (the sort of articles I do here occasionally), it would have been a super post, one we all would have enjoyed, learned from and downloaded to our files, linked too in the future, returned to for reference . . .

. . . but instead, Erwin went and made some Basa shit up as he went along (again!), on a third-party site, Stadinger defended him and they've since dug a deeper and deeper and deeper hole which only serves to advertise the fact they knew nothing detailed about Basa, its history, or its product inventory, but wanted to be believed, as experts on Basa, anyway! Now they've confused the issue to the Nth degree, such an article would add nothing.

As I've said before it's all risible stuff, beyond parody, but at least Standinger now agrees with me that the figures Erwin said were Peruvian production; weren’t!

That's the 'conspiracy', a construct made of damp-paper, scribbled-on with wax-crayons by two infantile loons; one of lies and deceits, self-delusions, self-aggrandisement, arse-covering and Barry-bullshitting by two fucktards who contradict each-other and themselves.

And; can someone PLEASE show them how a spellchecker works - Christ; it's hard going!

Is that 14 pages of "diatribe drivel"? I hope so.

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