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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

B is for Badassasaur and Bionic Boy - Argentina Part III

Some you may be disappointed to learn this is the last of the unknown-believed-to-be Argentinian figures' posts; some of you may be delighted! I think I've saved the best (err . . . and the worst) 'till last?

This is the poorest quality of all the figures in this batch we've been looking at, the master hand-carved from a block of margarine . . . I think, maybe, probably!!!

I assume it's one of the monsters from the long-running Godzilla franchise, but which one is anybody's guess, although; if you're familiar with the films he'll be easy to ID with that nose spike and the spinal-ridges, not to mention that he quite deliberately has one humanoid foot and one combined dino-claw and can-opener?

For all the lack of quality; he's my favourite of the lot; being made in a luscious, marbled, salmon-pink plastic, no sign of paint so I'm guessing either a member of a larger play-set, or a very cheap kiosk type thing?

I'm sure Google would quickly reveal whether this chap is a giant from the Godzilla movies, a friend/enemy from Ultra Man or a character from another Japanese Anime or Manga series, but I don't care enough to look it up before posting, and I'm writing all these posts away from the Internet, so if you know, you're one-up on me!

However, whoever he is, he's the best paint of the lot, and not a bad sculpt, so my second favourite of these after the dino-monster above. I used to have a bookmark of a Brazilian toy site which I lost when I changed computers back in late 2011, but that had a big-box play-set called Phantom or Phantasm (?) where the main character-figure was a very similar (hooded, black and purple?) sculpt, so this figure may also be from Brazil?

To be honest, they would all have looked much better when new and the extreme levels of paint loss on all of them (last three posts) and the tatty capes are probably testament to their having been much-loved and played-with by someone , somewhere!

Thanks to Adrian again for letting me photograph all the figures in the last three posts - Mercator Trading's website.

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