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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

B is for Bat Toys - Argentina Part I

Back to Argentina (or 'believed to be' Argentina), back to blow-moulds, back to dolls, back to Bat Toys! Listed under the unknown moniker, they are indeed blow-moulded Bat-dolls, probably from Argentina!

The man-bat himself with a cape made from [soon to be illegal; they already are in Kenya] shopping-bag polyethylene! We've seen a similar Tarzan here and given the size, they really are dolls, they even have the same plug-in arms as the cheap rip-offs of Action Man/GI Joe. This one's about ten-inches with only his arms moving.

The Boy Wonder (who appears to be Joe 90 moonlighting out of season-three) has five points of articulation in pink ethylene attached to a red torso, his cape is either a replacement or made with slightly less love than Batman's, same shopping-bag supplier though! [The next day . . . see comments - might be Mexican?]

We've also seen the Batman parachute toy before but I had a spare image kicking-about in Picasa, he was around eight-inches I think, while Robin is twelve-inches+. Thanks to Adrian at Mercator for all these.


Geoffrey Peeters said...

Hi there ! I think the Robin doll was produced in Mexico and not Argentina. At least that is where I got mine from - see http://geoffstoys.blogspot.pt/2017/01/holy-cow-batman-they-are-building-wall.html

Hugh Walter said...

Torro Navtivitus Bat-Geoff! That's the actual cape! Your's is less battered!

Thanks for that! Technically I should call them unknown South American, as I have my own doubts about one or two, however, they all came from a collector who called them Argentine. I guess they would have moved around . . . the Japanese superhero (posted later today) may be from somewhere else, and could (at a stretch) be a Mexican wrestler!!!!