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Saturday, December 2, 2017

H is for How They Come In I - Farm & Zoo

A quick look at some of the stuff which came in over the autumn just gone, specifically a few farm and zoo lots I found in local charity shops, nothing terribly exciting, but some things 'interesting'!

I'd already started sorting the contents of the first bag when I remembered to shoot a shot, so the 2nd bag is sat in the middle of an about-to-be-organised chaos.

Initial sort (the organised chaos!) by type; horses, cattle, people &etc; in the middle is the 'interesting' pile, i.e. the things worth shelling out £1.75 for!

While up the top-middle is what I love about these bags, a random set of Swoppet legs in a farm/zoo lot! And this lot came after I'd blogged the other Cherilea chickens, so I've picked-up the best of a bag-full of them this year!

Playing with them before I put them away; literally just mucking about with sort of graph-tables made of figures! We've looked at the goats in close-up already and one day sheep and pigs will have a proper turn.

I'm interested in the two sheep to the far-left, if anyone recognises them, they are made of a hard styrene type material (they sound like dice when you rattle them in your hand) and may be from a die-cast or plastic vehicle (as load/passengers), board game or something more pin-down'able/recognisable?

The interesting pile, in the centre the standing dog from Britains which always seems to be slightly less common the the running and lying ones, but I may be imagining that? Clockwise from the farm-hand (who has crap paint, but a less common pale brown/dun-coloured pitch-fork) we have; Charbens monkey (?) with ball, Britians Mini-Set mare, Corgi 'Torro' bull, the Wend-Al calf we looked at the other day a nice rabbit family, paint's poor again but all the ears are there! The leopard is Hong Kong, but is the non-melanistic 'corrector' for one of the black panthers I have.

This turned-up in the same shop a few days later, and I feel it was probably supposed to be part of the other two, they cirtainly all got sorted at the same time.

Nothing terribly interesting here, the Poplar ancient give me a clean box-ticker on the PVC foot figures, the Britains Herald Friar Tuck has almost no paint, but both ends of his sword/scabbard, his crucifix & chian and his staff are all intactum, so he may be painted-up for fun, bit of flock on the base, really ruin him!

The superhero is from a capsule-toy line of some kind I think, that or blind bags? Is he Archer Man? The Bowman, Arrowman, The Quiver, Biker-shirt Man! . . . Those Marvel and DC's have had most of them at some point, the question ought to be is he a Good Guy Man or a Bad Guy Man! And; No, I don't care!

While we've already looked at the other items of interest as I Blogged one with the Wendal calf, and the other in the Lucky follow-up!

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