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Friday, December 15, 2017

P is for Poundworld-Plus Plastic Pirate Play-set Preview Post

Or - S is for Shiver me Shelfies, it's a Shifty Ship with Surly Sailors!

Saw this in Poundworld-Plus the other day, a big stack of them for a tenner, Christmas-stock I'll be bound, or my names Buttsttead Forttesque the III! Figures are Schleich/Papo-like, while the ship is better suited to 'HO/OO' compatible sea-borne shenanigans.

I didn't see a brand anywhere [ITP Imports from Toy Bank/Pirate Monkey] but I was holding shopping and a camera so it was all a bit cack-handed in the play-set inspection department, while they were piled-up by the tills, so I was sort of in the queue as I was faffing about!

A tenner? I left it, and I can't think of any collectors I know who are likely to grab one, but if you want an individual item from it and have younger relatives . . . it really would be like taking candy from a baby, "Oh dear, must have got lost in the wrapping-paper - which went on the fire"!

The figures; there's four of 'em.

Of more interest, maybe, for garden/54mm war-gaming (?) is this catapult, it's a bit clumsy-looking, a bit chunky, more like the old MPC one, but a bit of paint would bring it up to some sort of presentable shape! Or the wheels would be a useful addition to the ancient/medieval spares box!

And then there's this wheeled cage? Has it escaped from a 1970's Planet of the Apes play-set? As a lot of pirates WERE also slavers, it sort of makes sense, but none of the figures included will fit in it, so you'll need to source some miserably malnourished 65mm figures first! Ohh . . . Kinder Barbies - they'll fit, and the pirates will thank you!

At first glance I thought the horse was another of the Maxxi Toys ones we have been looking at but it lacks all the holes and the pulling-tackle just seems to just hook-over the saddle.

So there you go, Poundworld-Plus, and probably ordinary Poundland and Poundworld stores if that's what's local to you, they are all now owned by the same SA-based company, currently under investigation for fraud somewhere . . . Austria? It'll all be in the next 'News, Views...'.


Terranova47 said...

A very useful use for the Kinder Barbies

Hugh Walter said...

I thought so Terra! Heeheehee!