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Saturday, April 21, 2018

E is for Eraserfest!

This post isn't an 'eraserfest'. It's a few 'dinorasers' I mentioned the last time we looked at such things a week or three ago, but the weekend will be a bit of a trip round the stationary cupboard . . . and as they are all both novelty 'finds' and/or 'plastic smalls' I trust the PSTSM will bugger-off and read something else for a day or two!

These are the Iwaco (or Iwaco-like; it's not clear) dinosaurs in Hawkin's Bazaar I mentioned when I posted The Works' new dinorasers the other day - two colour-ways of two vegetarian dinosaurs Triceratops and Styracosaurus, I intend to get two more Styracosaurs and swap the bits so I have a heard of four similar beasts!

The Tyrannosaurus, I could only find the one colour, but there probably are two out there? They all have the Iwako style of eyes made from a round-ended rod pushed - equidistant - through a little channel or tunnel in the head of the animal. And - I knew those 'paint-your-own' backdrops would be useful, but the trick is to not cast a shadow . . . Doh!

The pterosaur; I think is a Pterodactyl (using my Styrofoam glider bag as a guide) and also has two colour-ways, although in both cases his head is a flatter different colour than the slightly metallic sheen of the bodies.

The heads on these are so loose, you will have to dig down through the bodies to find the heads which are in a pile at the bottom of the compartment, the same is true of the two veggies, and you need to check your T-Rex has both legs before you pay for him!

The flyer has only the two parts, all the rest are three-parters and so far I've only found the four designs, about the same size as the new ones from The Works but a level of realism or accuracy which rather puts them in a league of their own.

The Red Barron's circus - fly again and strike again! Going for the eyes - bastard-birds!

Now, when I said last time that I'd seen these but not bought them because they were too expensive, I am pleased to report that currently Hawkin's Bazaar are offering all Iwako and similar erasers for 50p each or a 12-for-£5 deal, so if you are an eraser collector, or fancy these dinosaurs, now's the time to mosey-on-down to Hawkin's for your own herd of dinorasers!

PS - They are supplied by Iwako and as carded Iwako come with two smaller dinosaurs in one piece, a little velociraptor and an archaeopteryx (both in sand or dark green).

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