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Monday, April 16, 2018

Q is for Quickie

Rather poor images I'm afraid, but it's only a quick box-ticker to get something up here today, and the thing's already been put away so I couldn't be arsed to dig it out and re-shoot it, soz!

Picked this up for a quid-fifty the other day in a charity shop, nothing exciting, it's a CCG (collector's/collectable card game) from Steve Jackson games, but you may remember I got some figures tied into the same branding a while ago?

Well, there's no mention or mechanism for the figures in the rules or on the box, so they would just seem to be a gratuitous 'Let's do some figures' type thing - which I think I suggested at the time? But there are two spare compartments in the box, probably/primarily for expansion-set card packs, but my figures fit nicely, so they are all together, which is nice!

Just need to find time to play the game . . .

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