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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

F is for Further Fluff on Flexible Femmes and Funny Fellow!

Well, I can't keep having 'follow-ups', but that is what it is rather, the recurring theme which hadn't  been on the blog until a year or so ago, but which now keeps cropping-up!

This chap came in the other day with a mixed lot, he looks to be a classic 1970's type, a bit grubby, a bit sticky with leeching phthalates, and the paired holes on the rear in line with the wire armature, but he's marked 'CHINA' so - like the garden-ties which started all the 'bendy posts'; probably quite modern.

Also he looks familiar, but I can't place him; is he a non-police character from Space Precinct? Some of them were a little lobster/mantid-looking, although I stress that I'm thinking out loud as I don't recall the antennae  . . . Woohbwha-Woohbwha-Woohbwha-Woohbwha! - that's my Dr. Zoidberg impersonation, be thankful you're only reading it, it's a worse listen!

If it's Space Precinct that would definitely shove the date back to the earlier uses of China as a marking in the run-up to and after 1997's hand-back, funnily enough - I've just got an ethylene gorilla which looks totally HK but is marked CHIN!

12-04-18 - See comments; Dr Cockroach from Monsters V Aliens - DreamWorks tag added

A shelfie I took just after Christmas - more of the NJ Croce range first brought to our attention by Brian two years ago - DC 'babes' although it would be more of a fight-out than a night out with that quintuplet in the same hostelry!

I think one or two were in another line up a year ago, but with about five versions of the Batman now seen, they may all be costumed from different sections of the 'expanded' DC-verse?


Anonymous said...

He is Dr Cockroach from monsters V aliens voiced by Hugh Laurie.

Hugh Walter said...

Thank you Mr Anonymous! You are a star, that's what you are!

Tag and note added.