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Saturday, April 28, 2018

News, Views Etc . . . Lazy days!

The second half of the week sort of fell apart, so I've put a few bits up here-and-there, caught-up with some eMailing and stuff like that!

I've added a couple of bits to the Galoob page if you follow 'plastic smalls'; the #25 figure has been updated to reflect a new (to me) base-code type with new text-graphic screen-grab and an additional image, while a comparison shot has been added to the #66 figure.


I also added the 2018 catalogue stuff to the six relevant HO/OO posts on the Airfix blog a while ago, but nothing exciting.


A useful general toy link was published in the Metro on Wednesday; Orchard Toys who are an up-and-coming name in games and puzzles have a free replacement service, whereby you can obtain up to three components or game pieces per household per year, details and conditions are at;

or at the bottom of page;- 


And of course . . . Two weeks today . . . .

I'll do my usual detailed countdown-post or two, closer to the event, but there are full directions now on the Editor'sBlog and Brian C's Blog, there's also an announcement thread on the plastics section of Treefrog Treasures' forum if you go there more regularly than I do!

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