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Friday, December 12, 2008

F is for Fantasyland (or is it???)

These 25mm factory painted lead solids turn up quite often, they are similar to some of the Crescent/Trojan poses but not the same. In his World Encyclopaedia of Toy Solders, Garrat mentions a Hong Kong firm called Fantasyland producing sets of 24 figures of this type. Whether these are them or not is open to question, however they only ever appear in the three poses below, which would give you 8 of each in fairly distributed sets of 24.

The three poses that keep turning up, as yet I have never found another pose, and most groups I have seen equate to a play-worn set of what might have been 24 figures!

Equally interesting but rarer are the same poses with a slightly improved base design. Now the question is are these a late version of Fantasyland; Japanese originals from which the Fantasyland figures are copied from someone like Minikin; or copies by another HK producer.

This all presupposes that these are in fact the Fantasyland figures!

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