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Friday, December 12, 2008

F is for First

In shops currently and for the last two or three years, have been some 'Pocket Money' toys in which a series of small interlocking 'puzzle' pieces with a groove moulded into them are put together to make a course, and a simple battery-operated vehicle, helicopter or 'plane is run round until you are sick of watching it and turn it off!

Each set has some accessories for added play value, usually a set of road signs, however in the case of the little tank (Generic Anglo-American light tank of vague WWII vintage) you get this set of 30+mm, modern looking, US G.I.'s.

The company is called First, and the figures show a marked similarity to the Battle Squads produced by Galoob. In particular the bases are very similar, however the Battle Squads shared with their Action Fleet brethren articulated hips and shoulders, whereas these guys are solid.

Piracy? No - the poses are not the same, but 'Knock-off' is a word to which they may subscribe, more likely though; they share a production facility somewhere in China!

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