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Friday, December 19, 2008

M is for M8/Greyhound

The M8 Armoured car (Greyhound in British service) is another vehicle I have a soft spot for and this is one of my more recent kits, I built this about ten years ago (Yeh? At my age it seems like the other week!!) after seeing it at a show and 'having to have it'! It's a metal kit, I haven't kept a note of the manufacturer but it's a good quality kit of about 12 pieces.

The trailer is from the old Airfix Half-track kit and we were still using them in Berlin Brigade in the 1980's. The double-sided board (unfortunately not clear in the photographs) is two map-board/black-boards stuck back to back, which I cut from a Verlinden advert in Military Modelling...Well if they won't produce the stuff in 1:72?

I think I ended up hand-painting the Allied Stars as there was no surface smooth enough to take transfers, and some of the small transfers I did use have 'blown' and need re-doing. A dry-brush and some ancillary kit finished it off.

I used an aircraft mascot to give it a bit of an identity and an old Atlantic cowboy hat was hung on the turret. The figure is from the Esci Iwo Jima vignette, for years the closest you could get to 'multipose' in brail-scale

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