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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

N is for Nativity

I have lots of non-toy soldier related figures in my collection, among which is a large number of religious/Christmas themed figures. Most are still unpacked and will have to wait until next year, however I have picked up a few in the last two years which are accessible, and are presented here as my attempt at a seasonal post!

This set is complete - as far as I can tell - having all the elements, Mary, Joseph, the little baby Jesus, 3 kings an Angel and a Shepard and the donkey (Mk 1, son of god, transportation, for the use of). This set is probably Hong Kong, but may well be Italian.

Definitely Hong Kong, I have the complete set in a box somewhere, with a little simplified stable, the box is green with gold scroll-work and the usual 'Made in Hong Kong', but hints at being Blue Box.

This little putti is probably from a larger scale set, in the larger scales there are loads of Nativity sets, Marx produced a fine set in the US, and the Marx subsidiary in Germany produced an even bigger set of Biblical figures in the style of the US Presidents. In Italy companies like Fontanini have produced a vast number of sets over the years in many sizes for the non-toy soldier market.

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