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Monday, December 29, 2008

P is for Panzer

The German for 'Tank'. These are a bunch of plastic kits I made about 20 years ago, I am hoping to run the new Dragon Jagd.Tiger with Paratroops as a project just as soon as I have A) set up a modelling space in our new place and B) finished this daft alphabetical thing I started!

This is the Panzer I from Esci with the late link-and-length track. It's a command variant without revolving turret, built strait from the box with an aerial added.

Matchbox Pz.II with scratch-built fuel tanker/external fuel tank? (based on a photograph in one of the Panzer Colours books). The wheels and mudguards are from the towed Flak also by Esci, the tank was from a pen barrel with plastic strip and the chassis frame was built-up from .5 mil square-section .

Another Matchbox this time the Pz.Kfw III, this is done as a late war survivor with a tank-hunting crew on board. They are mostly from the Fujimi and Nitto infantry sets with one figure from the Hasegawa set. Jerry-can rack was added.

The Panzer IV was the workhorse of the German armed forces in World War two, and while this is the Esci mid-war version, I've given it a late war 'ambush' camouflage scheme.

These are all from the days when I thought a quick (damp-) dry-brush was all that was needed and looking at them now I can spot all sorts of things I would do differently, but there are only so many days in a lifetime!!

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