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Saturday, February 28, 2009

W is for yet more Wagons

Some of the odds and sods...

This is the stage-coach from JCT (Japan Toy Corporation?) and a covered wagon almost certainly from the same  (or a similar!) source. These are about 1:50, with 35mm figures, which means they don't get much bigger in small scale collecting, or much smaller in large scale collecting!

The Tudor Rose wagon against which the previous sets would seem to have been aimed. this was a particularly daft 'covered wagon' as it had one central axle! The horse appears without the locating holes for the wagon, I'm not sure what rode them, as the mounted Tudor Rose figures went on soft plastic versions of the horse used by early Airfix, Ajax, Archer, Bergan, Beton, Giant, Lido, early Riesler, T.Cohn/Superior et.al.

That's because it's a Hong Kong copy of the Thomas for Woolworth's/Quaker Sugar-Puffs mail-away wagon, the Tudor Rose wagon's have the same horses as their mounted figures! Likewise the un-pierced horses are from the same Thomas source.

Britains metal coronation coach for QEII, this was the cheapest, smallest version of several by this company.

Clockwise from top left, Life-Like circus wagon, these were also - I believe - supplied to Walthers (Terminal Hobby Shop) in the early 1960's? Prieser Circus living-quarter trailer as supplied to Aristo-craft. [The Life-Like wagon is also - I believe - Preiser] Two small wagons from Christmas crackers, Einco Indian Village wagon and horse, Del Prado wooden kit that came with the 'Build Your Own Castle' part work a couple of few years ago, and another mini-wagon from a Christmas cracker, of slightly different design/style to the other two.

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