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Friday, April 10, 2009

S is for Starlux (and Solido)

A quick look at one of Starlux's civil ranges, the Fire Brigade/Fire Service (les Pompiers) have been released in at least four different sizes and two versions. These are late production of the first version (old type 'Adrian' helmet), there being a second set in the newer space age 'chrome-dome'.

These are the 30mm range, not sure they ever got the head swap, the last guy in the bottom row on the far right, is an earlier moulding with the round base. Missing poses (not necessarily ever part of the 30mm range) are; a stretcher team, the hose 'head' operator, a doctor in jacket and slacks running with a first aid kit, a nurse in whites, (all available in the 20mm set) and two seated figures (probably also available with Solido fire appliances), a baseless hose operator and a guy kneeling (from the 40mm range).

This is the 'pond rescue' vignette, which was also issued as a military set with a change of rower. Again this was also issued with a Solido die-cast vehicle, The diver seems to have been licences to/pirated by Dinky Toys here in the UK, possibly through the French Dinky arm?


Toy collector said...

Thank you very much for the fine pictures of your fire-fighter. I'd never seen before this Starlux.

Kind regards

Maverick Collecting said...

Thank You - sorry I missed your comment at the time!