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Monday, March 15, 2010

S is for Supreme/SP Toys, Part 1 - Armour

Having looked at old plastic AFV's last month, I thought I'd have a look at some new plastic to address the imbalance! In particular a rather interesting range, which should be readily available if you search for it.

Supreme/SP first appeared as a standard Hong Kong rack-toy producer about ten years ago, with little carded play sets, each containing 2 or 3 30mm PVC vinyl figures (which I will cover another day), a building fascia and a vehicle or two. All the usual subjects were covered - Fire, Police, Construction and Ambulance - and tie-ins/re-badging for FunFings, Titan, Ackerman and other UK/European toy importers resulted (sometimes with different figures - hence the need for a separate article at some point).

Around 2003, they started producing large military play sets for Wilkinson (the successor and contributor to the demise of Woolworth's) each Christmas several years running. These sets had a variety of vehicles, simple aircraft and various scenic elements in a large window box. Theme was either desert or temperate, and not all vehicles got all treatments.

Above is the heavy armour, a rather non-descript Abrams in around 1:87, and two generic SPG's which are a M109/FH90 hybrid in a larger 1:76. But for war gaming, especially the Terry Wise school, they are fine!

They also issued a nice Bradley MICV/IFV close to 1:72, although 'Health & Safety' have got hold of the cannon and made it 'safe and healthy', so they would need to be replaced if you were to war game with them.

MLRS, these have a very simple hollow Launch-pallet, as can be seen from the elevated one front left. However, a simple floor plate could be added, and after a repaint you'd have a nice battery on the cheap.

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