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Monday, March 15, 2010

S is for Supreme/SP Toys, Part 2 - Soft-Skin Transport

A trooping bus and a variety of Hummer's/Humvee's. These are closer to 1:72, and fully compatible with the better offering from Hornby a few years ago, and the metal ones from Matchbox.

6x6 trucks, the tankers have a WWII Chevrolet type cab, while the GS/troop carrier has a more modern chunky design. I once saw a window display that had used the contents of a couple of these sets, and therefore know the GS truck has been done in desert colours, but don't yet know if the tanker came in a temperate scheme?

Smaller soft skinned vehicles, most are militarised versions of the civil carded sets, with a red Fire engine to compare. Again we find a WWII Beep rubbing shoulders with modern stuff. The silver van is an armoured car of the bank delivery type.

These Oshkosh M977/985 HMETT's only need a quick re-paint and you have some nice modern vehicles in several configurations. I'd drop the ore-carrier though! Note two different crane designs and body types. The tractor unit - without the ore-wagon trailer leaves scope for scratch building another variant such as the M984 wrecker.

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