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Monday, March 15, 2010

S is for Supreme/SP Toys, Part 3 - Articulated Transport

The various cab-units, The standard cabs are just civil models in military colours while the half-tracked cabs are quite Gerry Anderson!

The half-tracks pull the three smaller rocket carriers in the foreground, the 'Big-Rigs' tow the TEL's (Transporter/Erector/Launcher) at the back, and other designs shown below. It has to be said the TEL's seem to be carrying SCUD's in US markings! But a quick paint job would turn them into nice Iranian or North Korean equipment or even the fabled Iraqi WMD's!

The other trailers I currently know of, there may well be others, and again I don't know for sure which came in both Desert and temperate schemes and which were only issued in one colour variant?

Fully loaded and ready to hit the Basra-Kuwait city highway! Most of these would be equally at home with a bright coloured re-paint and a job to do on a model railway!

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