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Thursday, January 19, 2012

J is for Jeep

Having looked at the Britains Land-rover with it's nod to both the SAS 'Pink Panther' and the modern 'Technicals' I thought we'd better see what Hong Kong was doing at the same time...

No name on this one so no pack drill - knees aren't up to it anyhow! With a pull back motor and a sparking mechanisem that still works this is a neat little beast with shades of the Western Desert campaign and David Stirling (who once bought me and my brother a Coka-cola while we made a den out of large red leather club chairs!), this is around 30mm and when I saw it the other day it immediately identified two gluey figures from the 'Unknown, Military, Post 1900' box.


Gog said...

wow, that jeep is really nice, when was it made? Is it really made at the same time than the Land-Rover? If it was made in Hong-Kong, it's proabably intended to be a cheap version of the other one, but mint and boxed still looks great.

Maverick Collecting said...

Hi Gog
The Land-Rover was late 1960's while this is probably early-to-mid '70's, they're not really competing with each other, I just thought it was a good excuse to buy this one and blog/post it!