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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

G is for Giocadag

Whom I presume are the importer/repackager of these French figures for the Italian market? This is the third set of these Italian Starlux sets and it's probably the best - value wise - having 12 poses, two of each for 24 figures, far more than the other two sets.

The set complete, the poster-map and the sticker, I don't know how many of these sets were issued, and with neither/both the Circus and Fire Brigade sets having any 'enemy' it's hard to tell, but I think we can assume there was a set of Cowboys (probably 2 x 11 poses for 22 figures? - see coming post; above somewhere in the next few days!).

As only non-military sets have turned-up so far it may be thet the military sets being French wern't offered to the Italians in their own-language packaging...can any Italian visitor help with that?

Close-ups of the figures, the one I like the most is the guy who's found himself a Colt Peacemaker, probably stole it from one of the bodies at the Little Big Horn! The 'Chief' with blanket is also a nice piece and his 54mm version sits (actually; 'stands') well next to the Britain's one we looked at last night.

[Rivet counters please note - I don't want comments on when, where or how the Peacemaker was or wasn't issued, or to whom...they are TOYS! Just call it a 'six-gun' and sit on your hands...]

After checking the published version; you might get a Google '500 error' message when you try to enlarge the second image, keep trying and it will come-up! Here they are announcing a "...new look for April..." when they have yet to get either of the old looks right!!! Is this a slow suicide note by Google...something new and better will take their place if they're not careful....


Sam's Blog said...

... I'm sorry but I can't resist:
>>>>[Rivet counters please note - I don't want comments on when, where or how the Peacemaker was or wasn't issued, or to whom...they are TOYS! Just call it a 'six-gun' and sit on your hands...]<<<<
... a perpetual question!!
for me all figures are toys, that's why I like your blog, even it don't talk about painting figs!
a "six-gun" is a good name !
(and the guy who can recognize a remington, a colt or anything else, on an AIRFIX fig is mad!)

now: the most important: those "toys" are nice like they were all in my childhood.

no "505" for me: Google works!

and :
"Buniten vilablea" : ?????????
Spanish? Portuguese? ...old Latin???
I'm in "error 505" for this one!
will try again!

Maverick Collecting said...

Glad you liked the post Sam, sorry about Fugging Blogger but there is nothing I can do there!

Having failed to get either the old or the new format 'right' they are apparently going to force a 'new look' on all of us, any day now! Masochists can sign-up a few days early!!