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Sunday, March 18, 2012

G is for Gunslingers

A few hours later and I'm a dot-co-dot-uk! Why? If it 'aint broke - don't fix it! I was going to do this post so you didn't have to look at my earlier rant for too long, but honestly, Blogger/Google seem hell bent on getting rid of their site owners and destroying Internet security at the same time - I link to 106 other Blogs and 5 of them have disabled their verification words this month, and that's just the ones who've announced it?

Does Google not understand that Bebo has all but surrendered to Myspace/Facebook. that the market leaders when they (Google) came to prominence in 2005 have all but disappeared and been forgotten, that things happen so quickly on the Internet that if someone comes along doing it better, everyone goes there. There is talk - on Blogger's own forums - of people moving to Wordpress, well I'm going to look into it, and if the image limit is the same and the layout can be similar I'll go there and start again...anyone who's bookmarked me but doesn't follow me through Blogger or Google now has a dead link to smallscaleworld.com because I'm .co.uk, despite still editing this in www.blogger.com?!! Feck!!

And they still can't get four pictures to load in the right order! Why don't you fix something that IS broken?

Anyway...here's a pretty picture of some toys! It's not the whole early set, it's not the whole late set, it's not all the paint variations, it's not all the plastic colour variations, but it's a guide to both UK and HK 'Herald' series cowboys from Britains and as I've said before with these small posts - box ticked!


Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

Interesting how close some of the poses are to some of the Lone Star cowboys, I wonder which came first or if there was a common inspiration?

Maverick Collecting said...

Hi Ross

I'm afraid Lone*Star will be the 'guilty' party on this one...as they were on others! The 'King Richard' in the knights comes from a Timpo solid, their sailors owe something to both Charbens and old hollow casts...it's true that there is a limit to realistic poses that are machinable or producible...but Lone*Star seem to have a higher content of such coincidences!!

Cheers - Hugh