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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

M is for Montaplex - Part II - Single Bags

Before the larger envelopes that are so familier to collectors of Montaplex, they produced single-model Sobres in two-colour printed paper envelopes (black and one true 'colour' on white), I only have a few, on the backs they list lots of others, but the same few vehicles actually keep turning-up, so I suspect a lot of the models never got copied/made/issued?

The Russian infantry (from Airfix) were the only figures I've found in one of these sets, there is another design of helicopter but mine is incomplete so I'll save it until a good one turns-up! The tanks are simplified and too small for most 'uses' - cirtainly with war-gaming - but the Unimog is a very neat little model and as can be seen from the figures is relatively in scale - presumably taken from either Roskopf (1:100) or Roco-Minitanks (HO).

A selection of bags, the car is the same as the one looked at in Part I (above) the, the helicopter is the bag for the one illustrated, but looks more like the 'other' one mentioned!

It's worth noting that within these four bags you have;

Montaplex, Monta Plex and Monta-Plex!


Gog said...

These sobres are really old, do you have any idea when were they released? Considering maybe the logo design, we could more or less date each single reference... well somebody has surely already done it for us.

Again toys I had in my youth: I had at least one truck and many of those small tanks.

Maverick Collecting said...

Hi Gog - No I don't, they have the look of the 1960's, but after that Lidia 'connection' the other day, you'd think the moulds still belonged to someone else...it's something for the Spanish collectors to track down...now where do I know a Spanish collector?...Oh; The job's yours Gog!!!

Cheers - Hugh

Gog said...

I'm in! After a short search, I found the Montaplex blog (http://sobresmontaplex.blogspot.com/ I think you're following it too) and some information about these first sobres. They should be from the mid to late 60s, I think there's a way to derive the production years according just to the prices... I need to check my collection first, and see how much they costed in 1988. I guess it should be around 50 pesetas.

Maverick Collecting said...

Don't forget to blog whatever you discover!!