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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

M is for More Mud-hopping

Well - back out to the garden and sure enough I turned-up a few more pieces, though not the trunk of the Lego tree I was hoping to find, also as I suspected the number of items has lessened the further away from the corner I dug...

Top left looking East, the bits of Lego and Airfix Betta Builder I found a few years ago (2006) were in the highlighted corner of the strawberry frame, the stuff I dug yesterday came out of the bare corner, and - I believe - the real mother-load is within the overprinted black border, beyond the frame where there is a distinctive mound.

I suspect (due to the antique bottles) that the owners before us knew there was an old Victorian dump there (most houses in the UK built before the 1920's had one somewhere at some point) and just carried on using it, the plastics having survived along with the old glass bottles, why it would only contain toys (and one shampoo bottle lid) and why more than 50% are not damaged is the real mystery...maybe some draconian punishment..."If you don't clear your playroom now, I'll..."

In fact the shampoo bottle lid (see green lump in last nights post) is instructive, as it's easy to forget we've had 'dayglo' shades of ethylene for several decades now!

Other photos are looking West with yesterdays 'hit site' in the black box and the first fork of the day turned-up a Timpo horses base! I think I must have missed it as it got dark last night!

Another graphic pinpointing where I believe the main load to be, which also shows the bed finished (you can see where this is leading can't you - I'll be shifting the gardening Blog over here too!) and today's haul...the other wing! It had better transfers as well, but went in the bin without a clean this time...sorry Spitfire.

As well as the Timpo base I got a Stickle-Brick wheel centre, two nice pieces of 'Legoland'-era Lego (headlight grill and the Legoland block that came with all the lorries) and a bulkhead from something like a DC3 Dakota or Mosquito? Whatever it belonged to it will go in the spares box; being a tad more useful than damaged spitfire wings!

So - more free stuff out of the ground and I only put the seeds in this afternoon! Spinach (nearest viewpoint), Broad Beans (behind), early spuds (nearly out of shot far left) and Onions round the back corner of the Strawberry frame, but I've laid-down the rest of the toys to vintage for a few more years!

What I'm hoping will be in the future dig; Missing poses of Lone Star musketeers, loads more soldiers, lots of rare Lego pieces, the rest of the white Aircraft kit - complete.

What will actually be there; More of the same odd tat and a shattered Matchbox Spitfire fuselage...with transfers intact!


Sam's Blog said...

it looks like an archaeologist site!
strange that so many stuff was on the ground...

Blogger Robots-Fighter:
"asksu eginfor" => it seems to be elves language or something like that.. next time, they will give us "runes" !!!!

Maverick Collecting said...

Runes! - Funny you should say that - the other day I was over at the library using the computers there to print stuff and when I tried to comment there was a note from a third-party stating that these anti-robot verifications were using letters from old manuscripts, and that by filling them in correctly we are helping Google with its books project.

I'd obviously gone through another server as I don't normally get that message, whether it's true or just a sop to an increasingly annoying feature of the Internet I don't know!?