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Saturday, March 17, 2012

News Views Etc...Fugging Blogger!

Well, not only have I lost the quick edit (Followers are back) but a quick visit to Google (search) shows this is a problem Blogger and Google (Corp.) has known about for months, and while it's going on they have decided to convert the Blogger forums into Google Groups! Soooooooooooooo....the threads about the problem are divided between the old Forum which went read-only a few days ago, the replacement Forum which will be superseded by Groups and the fledgling Groups which are not fully active yet.

A problem thirded is easier to ignore eh...Blogger?

On the funny side...Paul over at Plastic Warriors is now sending me traffic from three Blogs;


How the hell they've put him in the UK is anybodies guess!!!

I swear - The Internet is getting less interactive and harder to use every fugging day!

The problem/s stem from the introduction of .au URL's (and it would seem .co.uk and .nz...at the same time!), problems with the new version of Firefox (a month or two old now) and Google (who swore they would never do anything 'bad') wanting to rule the planet and buy everything on the Internet that isn't already on evilBay!

The question being; why would the internet leader (Google) want to break up Blogger into national 'islands'? The whole point of the Internet is to make us one people one planet, not reinforce the existing 18th-to-20th Century divisions?

Edited - after I calmed down...a bit!

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bajrang dhora said...

I have same problem of quick edit from day first 23.03.2012 and http://bajrangdhora.blogspot.in with plus profile.
Just googled for last 24 hour same problem many users have.
sorry to say many tricks failed so if you have any solution please inform me. Thanks