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Thursday, March 22, 2012

News Views Etc...More Fugging Blogger!

I now have 75 followers and am on-target for my first 11,000 hit month after three consecutive 10,000+ months, so thanks again to all who visit or follow, I can't add the new followers Blogs to my blog-list as I can't edit any of my widgets, even from the design page!!

This is an ongoing problem, and we can only hope that Blogger have only failed to fix it because they are already so busy fixing the image-upload problems!! Ha-ha...some hope!

Details/Discussion can be found;

Here Original Post

Here Google 'Groups'


Here Read Only

If you are having problems with 'Quick Edit', the pencil icon, the tool icon or updating your side-bar widgets, or the URL changes stick a polite comment on one of the threads, or you can rant on your blog like me and risk getting chucked-off Blogger, but as they won't stop a plagiarist using my images, there's a 'better die than live like this' element to my "WTF's going on Blogger/Google?" attitude!

To Paul - I bet you didn't believe me...

Well done mate! You are now coming to us from three different places - at the same time! Your empire will blot out Google with it's shadow and we will enjoy wall-to-wall Revell Panthers 'till the end of time!


Paul said...

Hah Hugh. Do not let anyone in on my secret.

I have noticed this a few weeks ago. When I click onto a blog link, the .com changes into a .co.nz. When copying links it does the same.

I hope that do not start charging for the domain names!

Congrats on the followers and hit count!

Maverick Collecting said...

Thanks Paul

Most of my inter-Blogger traffic seems to come from you, Manie Gentile or the other 'Bods' Paul, which - as I don't publish much I would have thought would be of interest to the followers of war gaming and painting blogs - says a lot about the erudite and eclectic tastes of your followers!