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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

M is for More Minic

Quite a way back on the blog I covered my small selection of Tri-ang Minic plastic vehicles with the push-and-go motors, here;



Counting Rivets

And then this came in the other day, so I thought I'd put it up here. Looking for the above links I was surprised to note that there are a lot of posts with the Tri-ang label (30 with this post), but then they were part of one of the biggest toy 'groups' for a long while, and managed to get their fingers into most pies, even Hong Kong imports!

This range of vehicles was quite large - I keep seeing new ones at shows - and were usually produced as a civilian vehicle in a range of colours, as a military (army) vehicle in green as we saw in the above posts, and often in a grey-blue R.A.F. version.

This bulldozer also comes sans-blade as a tractor. I think the wood is a piece of hazelnut stave, but wouldn't swear to it! Joking apart - there's an idea for a very eclectic yet narrow field to collect, which would probably still take half a lifetime to complete...toys with a real stick pretending to be a tree.

You'd have this, various railway wagons (but not the Tri-ang/Tyco interactive log-carriers/dropper-offs, they had plastic logs!!), long and short bodied lorries from Majorette, tons of farm wagons by the old lead/hollow-cast guys like Britains and Hill etc... It could be a nice cabinet of curiosities...would you allow the plastic logged-toys thought?

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