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Thursday, May 1, 2014

L is for 'Like Britains'

An interesting little thing this, Spear's Games take on the old BBC TV program; One Man and his Dog, imaginatively retitled One Shepherd and....!

The contents look - at first glance - to be Britains, but are in fact not, probably Hong Kong in origin, they are not marked as such, so there is the possibility that they were sourced from a UK maker with easy morals?

The fences are marked, J&L R, which is - of course - Merit...who were not above a bit of piracy! That's it, box ticked, pictures filed...


Bernard Taylor said...

Merit had a very similar figure in their 4mm scale Farmworkers set (ref:5115). The others look very much like the Britains 1/32nd figures too: http://www.vintagemodeltrains.biz/contents/media/l_merit1131007.jpg

Maverick Collecting said...

Hi Bernard

Yes, them and Marx both copied the Herald figures, their (Merit's) dogs were different though and the sheep were a bit two dimensional (more like the Lilliput sheep?), but my hint is that they (in this set) were probably by/from Merit, as the fences are?