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Thursday, September 18, 2014

I is for Independence!

I don't have a say in today's vote...probably a good thing, and while I don't have the arrogance to think any post here would have made any difference to the outcome; I still felt it best to leave this post until the vote was so near it would have no effect whatsoever, yet I feel I'm allowed an opinion (McDougall's on one side, a UK citizen...) and would like to state it before the outcome is known!

I hope the Scots vote YES to Independence from the administration of Westminster (whether or not they subsequently choose to retain the monarch), in favour of 'sovereign' statehood, if you know what I mean...and I'm not sure anyone really does...

 Cherilea (left) with reissues and Monarch


So the first thing to understand is that Scotland is already a 'Nation', it is one of the nations currently making up the UK, with it's own flag (possibly forced on it for the purpose of making the Union Jack prettier!), so all the Yes camp is looking for is autonomous governance to enhance and 'complete' that existing nationhood.

Secondly; both nations - England and Scotland (I'm leaving the Welsh and all colours of Irish out of this, as they have for the most part kept a respecting silence on the whole subject) are mongrel nations of immigrants from across the world and across time from before the Romans, who reported the Scotii as being from Ireland anyway!

Anyone who watched the brilliant 'Blood of the Vikings a decade or so ago will know, there's very little original anything traceable, anywhere, some Pictish in the highlands I think, some Viking in North-west Wales and Anglesey, a bit more in Northumberland/The Wash, the Britons have gone, some Breton's still in Cornwall, there are shades of Celt, Irish mostly, about the place, and of course the Assyrian mercenaries...sorry; Auxiliaries left their bagpipes beyond 'The Wall'!

The above is simplistic and inaccurate (it'd take weeks to research every dotted 'i' for a post like this - I'm typing without notes here...from the heart!), but you get the picture, we're none of us who we think we are.

I was - 36 months ago - in the 'No' camp, but then I read a couple of histories of Scotland, and here follows more simplistic generalisation; The nations were first brought together by the Scottish King James, so you could argue that by voting Yes they'll be casting-off England, but actually he kept them as separate entities. It was the bail-out from the Darian Venture that forced closer ties on the Scots and lead to so much resentment.

The Welsh (thought I wasn't going to mention them!), who were conquered in a more traditional way (and also had a flag forced on them, so that both green and a dragon could be left-off the Butcher's Apron), have always been closer to the UK and didn't really want the devolution Phony Crony Tony B. Liar gave them as they knew their situation would be dire without being part of the grater whole, not so Scotland.

The UK is the last vestige of Empire, everyone else has got independence, or; at least - all those who asked for it, why should Scotland be any different? They have fought against us on and off for most of this islands recorded history, why wouldn't they want independence?

It should be noted that Cornwall is also a nation, with it's own courts and parliamentary structures, no oft used, but there in the statutes, so if Scotland does vote Yes, we just change the blue to black {Cornwall has a white on black saltire}, and maybe a bit of green?...a dragon?

They've also fought for us - Harry Payne paper soldier 'scraps' concertinaed together

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Everything I've heard, from BOTH sides, since day one has been either and/or; hyperbole, propaganda, lies, estimates, hypocrisy, political expediency, plain insult, emotive tosh or nationalistic flag-waving of the worst 'patriotism-for-scoundrels-to-run-to' (remember the WWI post the other week!) kind. And for 'both sides' read all sides; I don't know about you but I'm sick of so-called 'neutrals' coming-out in favour of Stay Together...usually after a briefing in Westminster!

Firstly - most nations who go independent make a half-good job of it after the 'parent' has fought tooth and nail to keep hold of them - for purely selfish reasons!

Secondly - You can't make definitive statements about the unknown, the Vote is for Independence, not a fully fledged, fully autonomous nation-state, ready for a seat in the UN next Friday!

There will be 16/18 months of negotiations (I believe there are scheduled elections for March 2016, which is a target, but the date's not set in stone), and following a democratic Yes vote in the referendum, these will likely be amicable, or as amicable as possible, which will sort out all sorts of things....including all the more outrageous claims and counter claims of the last year or so....lets look at a few of them...

Can't be in the EU - Already in the EU, they'd be separating from the UK, not the EU, Stay Together and it's supporters in Brussels can say all they like to frighten simpletons, but if it comes to it the European Court would correctly rule that Scotland (and the individuals in it) hadn't left the EU, didn't intend to leave the EU and therefore had every right to remain in the EU. Or is the EU going to pay out a pro-rata rebate (for 5.something million heads) and cut them loose whatever?

Can't be in NATO - As if NATO is going to let-go of some of it's best units in a fit of pique? I don't think so! It stands to reason that in the debates following a successful Yes vote, Scotland would get those regiments with Scottish heritage, title or recruiting area, support elements for them, some planes and helicopters (pro rata) and - in my best fag-packet maths - a few fishery-protection/mine warfare vessels with smaller harbour-support stuff. NATO is not going to kiss that stuff goodbye, it just isn't. there would be a fast track to fit the Scottish C3I into the NATO structure, and because once the dust has settled the ties that bind will be stronger than the shite coming from the mouths of Stay Together, they'd probably retain a joint role, or enjoy joint training with UK forces?

Nuclear Submarines at Faslane's HMNB Clyde - I would imagine that in the event of a Yes vote, there would be a deal, to hire/lease/rent the base for a number of years and compensate the remaining 'UK' for the cost of relocation...it's called Realpolitik, and it happens all the time, it's distasteful, but it's reality.

Banks/Money - I've never read and heard so much cods-wallop from BOTH sides in all my life...People in Azerbaijan, Alaska and Auckland all pull their UK pensions with no problems, the banks are mostly English in all but name; English customers, branches and funds vastly outnumbering those in the  Scottish area, those banks will sort themselves out following a Yes vote - they'll have to. The pound is as much Scotland's as 'ours', if they chose to use it, or peg their economy to it there is nothing 'we' can do! Finland uses the Euro, Panama uses the Dollar...see? It's a globally traded currency, and Scottland has enough of them to go on using them long after Cameron's temper tantrums are consigned to history. And again; they will be using it after Thursday whatever the vote, and a Yes will lead to  months of negotiations...everything prior to that point is just bullshit, and the media have made it sound like the end of everything!

Yes Scotland graphic

The Big Bribe - That Er...Isn't!

3 years ago the Yes camp had 14% of the vote in the bag, Westminster did nothing in their arrogance, and that figure got closer and closer to 50%. Suddenly - last Wednesday - the shit hit the fan and according to the tabloid filth; the end of the world was nigh! Devo-max (a curates egg is ever there was one, if there's a calling for that level of devolution there's a calling to give Scotland independence without a vote!) which Cockwomble Cameron wouldn't include on the ballot-sheet - was back on the table, embiggened to the MAX without any reference to Parliament in Westminster, which has had - mostly Tory - backbenchers choking into their breakfast Mine Kamp's for the last few days, swearing it won't happen over their dead bodies and why should the 'British' (read; Little Englanders) be expected to pay for Scottish (read; the 'auld-enemy's) deep-fried Mars Bars...it's not only a last minute bribe, it's a crap one that won't stand up to scrutiny, and will never happen!!! Jesus save us from the establishment, they're as thick as pig-shit, if not thicker, but they're in power...and doing stuff...that effects lives...

...two weeks ago a poll also found 60% of the English believe Westminster should punish the Scots if they vote No.

Yes Campaign graphic

I could go on, and on and on; the stuff in the papers in the last few days, the provable bias of the BBC, the execrable little Stay Together shit on the World service last night, throwing bile at everyone including the listeners...but you get the picture...it's all rubbish, untried, untested "our view is the only view" rubbish. I will just look at one recent piece...In tonight's Evening Standard there was a scare story about mass job-losses at the Scottish tax office...as if Scotland wouldn't need its own tax facilities! Risible junk, from a paper I used to admire...in the '80's!

Britain is broken, Scotland can be a very successful Independent State, and in voting Yes to do so can help concentrate minds in Westminster and Brussels to the way Corporate Capital is usurping democracy. Smaller poorer nations have managed independence with no problems to speak of, and Toyota, Mercedes, Microsoft or Google don't care where the lines are on the map.

Hong Kong - after Britians

Ponderings from my Facebook 'Wall' the last few days...

150-odd nations have gained Independence since 1945 (or something like that - can't beat an uneducated generalisation!), most have made a reasonable job of it, some with a new currency, some with a pegged currency...no reason why Scotland can't!

Vote Yes, yes, yes...London will enslave us all in the name of profit!

Voting to retain the UK for historical reasons or love of the flag...is the worst reason there is (it means you're probably over 45 and averse to change!). All the other reasons (pro and con) are lies, hollow threats & promises or other forms of propaganda, you won't know until you try...but it's gotta be better to NOT be part of someone else's little empire...gotta-be! Vote YES for nationhood!

Being a realist I know it's all down to the undecided's, the recently registered and whether the youngsters will A) turn-up and B) vote rather than spoiling the ballot with a Simpson's/TOWIE/Hunger Games quote!

Every time the ruling elite issues a threat the 'Yes' vote goes up, it really is like watching a train wreak in slow motion...good luck Scot-land!

We're weaker every day, global corporate interests are consuming what's left of democracy, TTIP will end government by the people without the people being asked, and where you've drawn the lines on the map makes no difference to Toyota, Cadbury or Microsoft.

Why would they want 'clout', they want to govern themselves, as 5 million Scots, not a forgotten administrative rump of greedy London! Tiny little nations make up the bulk of the worlds nations, and the power of the 'big boys' has done nothing but harm for centuries, not having clout means you can't fund terrorism, start wars, rip-off Sierra Leone, steal your neighbours land...give them FREEDOM!

You get the same thing with discussions on expanding Heathrow, taxing bankers, mansions etc..."we'll all go somewhere else", yet Norway, which has the highest tax (and highest levels of social infrastructure) suffers no brain-drain, no wealth drain and continues to remain a beacon of socially-responsible democracy. It's also used it's oil revenue to build a Sovereign Wealth Fund of billions (hundreds of billions), while we've wasted all ours preparing state assets for sell-off and destroying the organisation of the workers, without even lowering tax to reflect the loss of those assets and their associate costs...because we're still subsidising them to ensure the private owners make a profit!

Remember - London gets up to 100% more per head for some things (roads) and considerably more per head for everything than any other area, region of municipality in the UK, every minute of every day!

"You get what you deserve", lets hope they vote for something else! The UK is the last vestige of Empire, if Luxembourg can manage independence so can Essex!

Good Luck, yer Highland Reavers, you! Send the world a message...self determination along cultural lines, whatever's on the map! Cadburycolavagencorp don't care where the boarders are on the map, they'll still top up their drinks machines, open their show-rooms and sell you their sugary-shite!

So far; the only person jailed for intimidation (or fined? or whatever...up before the Beak anyways!) was a 'stay together' supporter!

Just listened to a really biased 'debate' on currency on the World Service #lying #BBC, where some fatuous git from Landaan Town was allowed to sarcastically shout at the interviewer, the Scots independence rep and the entire listener-ship, while the Scots guy got about a fifth of the air-time to speak calmly and patiently while knocking down every establishment lie!

I just prey the Scots see the last minute bribes (not available to the postal voters, so technically; 'gerrymandering') for what they are...BRIBES, and vote YES to independence....

Vote 'yes' and you might save Europe (and the UK) from themselves...vote 'no' and TTIP will sell 2000 years of striving for betterment to Cokapepsicorp for a pound!

Is that a picture of a biased #lying #BBC reporter....I'm getting sick of pictures of biased #lying #BBC reporters!

I stick two fingers up to the Sun every time I see it and I haven't been polled yet! Freedom and independence for the existing nation of Scotland - common sense!

The thing to emphasise at the polling stations tomorrow is - most independent countries make a good job of it...but MORE importantly...all 'Parent' countries fought to prevent that independence - for purely selfish reasons...with lies!


I think that Better Together may just scrape in, but if they do; it won't change anything. Indeed it may make things much worse, both sides of the boarder, but one lives in hope. Hope that the people of Scotland will chose the 'Yes' path of a community based on local cultural ties, not the dictates of faceless cockwombles in Westminster. The hope that those same cockwombles might just realise they've gone too far and need to listen to all of the people, more of the time, the hope...hopes....

Bit scrappy, but I've rather thrown it together, and there are some nice pictures of toy soldiers for those of you with your heads in the sand!


Anne O'Leary said...

I'm hoping they vote Yes. There are few places where I can say that around here. All my gamer friends are English and over the last week, they've done nothing but spout bile and engage in name calling. These are normally sane people who've become abusive and hateful. Hopefully after this is over they'll become people I can respect and tolerate again. If not, my blog roll is going to get MUCH smaller.

Hugh Walter said...

Last I heard it's a 4-point shift to NO, but that was a Opinion Poll this morning...the polls have just closed (20 minutes ago), and there's little in the news about 'exit polls', given the bias the media have shown from day one, I hope this is a good sign...but fear the worst! H