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Monday, October 6, 2014

D is for Dan Dare - Pilot of the Future...Past

Shot this a few years ago now; no toy soldier or model figure connection whatsoever...but that hasn't stopped me posting other esoteric things in the past and who can resist Dan Dare?

Various shots of the box, which ends-up giving a better idea of the puzzle as well, due to the vendor covering the actual puzzle in...

...clingfilm! Which just will not be photographed from any angle with flash, but which - due to the light conditions in the hall couldn't be photographed without flash either!

Added; 26th October 2014

Andy B has come to our rescue with a superb scan of the box-top, which gives full credit to the artwork, first as he sent it, and then collaged to show each quarter the 'right way up'!

Thanks Andy, that's improved the post by about 100%!

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