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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I is for Instruments

So, it's the 7th birthday of the blog today, not something I've celebrated before, but I happened to notice the fact last night, and as it's the party season and we're looking at plastic novelties for a while; let's make some noise!

Kazoos (one marked Hohner so probably not that cheap a toy!), Pan-pipes, Harmonicas, Horns and Trumpets, Swanee & Penny Whistles, Football Rattles....who didn't have one of these at least once in their childhood and drive some grown-ups to distraction with it? That's nostalgia, right there...plastic shite!

More - smaller - whistles and a tiny harmonica (top right: blue and yellow), one has a windmill attached for extra 'play' value, while another highlights one of the problems with classifying/categorising this stuff, is it a whistle first or a key-ring? As the charm loop fitted to several can be for a 'charm' or a key-ring, it's a moot point, but this crossover is a feature of a lot of these cheepie toys, not forgetting - does it go with the instruments, or the unknown Wild West? Or, if you collect enough of this shite...does it go with the horns or the Indians!


johnpreece said...

Congratulations and thanks for all of the last seven years.

If I had another lifetime for a second useless hobby I might well collect plastic, shite and Herald plastics alike. Failing that your Blog makes a very acceptable substitute.


Hugh Walter said...

Thanks John...as I said to someone yesterday...you won't be thinking that after three weeks of budget cracker toys!