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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

L is for Lorries...

...or 'Trucks'

Back left to front right:

A Blue Box copy of a Matchbox 1-75 wrecker with the boom broken-off, an even smaller ethylene copy of same without boom, two ethylene drop-side, flat-beds or vaguely original HK design, two Kinder (middle row), both probably polypropylene, but the cement mixer may be styrene, while the front row are three US dime-store types and a mini gum-ball toy.

The little yellow one in front is from the wharves of the plastic copies of the Tri-ang Minic 'waterline' ships range the vessels for which we've looked at before...as far as I am aware, the die-cast originals didn't have little vehicles, but the piracies do have them parked (with glue) in rows by the warehouses. There's a pantechnicon, an articulated (semi) lorry and this thing which looks like a White's scout car!


Edward Bettina Berg said...

3rd row from the top. A bunch of small vehicles like these came with the Marx 'Guid-A-Traffic' and 'Pint Your Own Village' sets offered ca1953

Hugh Walter said...

I wondered at 'Traffic jam' or something similar, Kent Sprecher has a lot on his site in various sets, by various makers, and I will come back to them when I get the rest out of storage!