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Friday, December 11, 2015

M is for Micro-Mini Motors

Those who remember the Formula 1 Project, will see that cars, and choises, have been added to the starting line-up with the acquisition of these.

The pink and dark yellow 'Monopoly' ones are now definitely ID'd as gum-ball toys (not as I suggested [with question mark - phew!] last time: board game pieces) as is the little green one with the yellow wheels, the green one at the back is very well-detailed (apart from a crushed roof) and may be from an N-gauge railway flatcar/car carrier?

The gold one (front right) is cast iron, could it be Gray Klip/Grey Iron? It's got the same look and feel? The one behind is probably a board gaming piece, while the other gold on and the silver one are actually plastic. Most of these will be from the smallest gum-balls or the little decorative tree-crackers, which used to have miniature novelties, but now tend to have a 'Motto & Sticker'!


Edward Bettina Berg said...

Nice collection of 'minis' Hugh. I've got a bunch of 'minis' (perhaps a tad bigger than these but still quite small) - always wanted to set them up with some of the small houses I have.

Hugh Walter said...

I will put a few of the 'next size up' on here soon, but not many, just a few that have come in, what I don't have is the MPC ones, got most of the AFV's, a decent sample of the ships and enough 'planes for a blog post, but none of the cars, and they were the biggest set. But I do have a few HK copies!